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The bodies of over 8000 souls line the catacombs of Cappuchin, Palermo. This sounds like one of the most interesting yet macabre places I have heard of in some time.

They wanted the bodies to be preserved for the living to face the dead. Tourists are able to walk the halls. The bodies were drained, dried and stuffed in straw in the vaults underneath for around nine months.

Initially they were for the monks but slowly patrons came. They were organised by gender, class and age.  The Cardinals, Lawyers, Children, Infants are all ordered amongst the line ups.

In 1860 the practise was outlawed, 1920 a body was brought in, Rosalia Lombardo was brought in by her family. Her sister would visit regularly but this stopped in recent years.

Many that visit will turn away upset, horrified or perhaps just overwhelmed by looking death in the face quite literally.  I won’t post up pictures and videos, but if you are interested the link here that takes you to more information.

Sedlec Ossuary 

Originally it was a series of large pits with bodies… a lot of them, and I am going to guess it stank! Human remains just stacked wherever they could put them and monks needed to do something with them all.

They came up with quite a unique way of solving the problem, they made displays from all the bones, keeping them in the boundary of the cemetery and it’s building. Bone pyramids were the beginning from a half-blind monk’s orders to find a way to dispose of them.

An architect then made candelabra to fit in with it. A rich family then brought it and it was redecorated. Now there are garlands and hanging decor from them, some of them are extremely creative if not a little odd.  A huge hanging chandelier makes a morbidly amazing central piece too.

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One of the ingenious little things human’s invented to avoid the profit making body-snatcher’s, a rather ghoulish profession also referred to as Ressurectionists.

The most famous pair in history were Burke and Hare (who also murdered to ensure fresh bodies), the profitable corpse stealing business was down to the needs of the anatomy schools. The recently buried were much sought after, the fresher the body the better. The students paid to go and learn about the body, the schools needed them to do this first hand.

Bodies were limited by the government, only criminals could be used for the medical science. With the supply on a limited roll out the schools would have a no questions policy for those willing to dig up a decent resource.

The Mortsafe was a cage put around the body, iron coffins or even watch houses for the dead.

August 1832 brought in the Anatomy Act, which put an end to the practise because any unclaimed body would be used for the schools. Anyone from a poorhouse etc could be put through, people could even donate their bodies to the schools.

By 1842 some of them were pretty ingenious though, a couple of them continued their trade as they could supply the dentists with teeth.

I suppose one of the ironies I would mention here is that the Victorian christian’s seemed to have little problem with the idea of using mummies for paper making, train fuel or something to show off at home with an unwrapping.

Anyways, the mortsafes and other devices –

The mortsafe appears to have been invented around 1816 and they were iron contraptions padlocked around the coffin which would be removed by two people with keys, they were put over there for about 6 weeks. Some of them however were left in place and a few examples can be found.

Vaults/Watchhouses came into play as well, They were used to put the bodies in for a few weeks before being correctly interred. They only seem to have been put into use around Scotland, other than Northumberland there is little evidence for them being used in England.

There are a few of the mortsafe’s surviving in churchyards. May are broken and rusting away, some however were rescued for historical purposes and can be seen.

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Right I am NOT skeptical whether aliens exist, I am not going to open the old can of worms. What I am is skeptical that they can reach here… imagine the issues. Even if you invented time travel I am sure there is someone far more reputable (and more scientific) that could explain why.

However I do so love these little things. The aliens ideas, the videos of the unknown etc…  This particular one I love.

I won’t speculate on how it’s been faked if it has because quite honestly I wouldn’t be able to. I mean there’s so much technology out there but when people are genuinely baffled it’s always awesome to see why.

The reason I like it I think is that I can watch it over and over to try and make more of the clip but in all honesty there is nothing new I could add. People have suggested that it’s robotics, pants and string, CGI maybe? I don’t know, what I do know is perhaps if they have found a way to do the impossible and get here they may have a brilliant sense of humour!

If they are not aliens I’d love to know what else you think they could be though.

Here goes with the one I am picking for today. By the way make no assumptions about my religion just because I have picked this subject but I simply loved watching this footage.

When the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, “Come and see!” I looked and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth.

Death himself is the only one name in Revelations and unlike the others never got a weapon, instead he was followed around by Hades, however many illustrations give him a scythe and this has become his media weapon of choice.

Khlōros is the colour described for his horse, meaning either greenish-yellow or pale/pallid. The idea that even the horse he rides on comes across as a corpse like beat.

Here is a video that was called out as Fake and immediately following that were more video’s discussing the camera lighting and other aspects of the scientific phenomena that would explain the image but I’m not here to do that. I want to take a slightly different angle on it.

Regardless of your religion take a moment for me here, why would the horsemen have to appear as physical entities? Why wouldn’t the mere symbolism of them be enough?

The imagery of the horseman does not necessarily need to appear in the most profoundly obvious of ways. Surely the “sign” of him could be as simple as a camera flare? After all I am sure greater beings get to have their little moments of fun with these things, subliminal messages not always picked up on by the masses, sending the sign to those willing to see it etc…

Recently I have been entertaining myself in the guise of War on the game Darksiders. I’m not going to go on and on about the game or how it plays but I will say this, maybe I’ve been suckered into the whole apocalypse thing in another subtle way, God’s found a way to utilise the modern gaming market 🙂


I discovered her story whilst reading Haunted Heartland by Beth Scott and Michael Norman. The book is a collective of US hauntings and this is the first entry, so it seemed apt to let it be my first haunting subject here. Richard Crowe supposedly collected over three dozen reports that he thought fitted the description pretty well and they apparently continue to do so.

The story goes that Mary had supposedly spent the evening at the ballroom with her boyfriend, at the Oh Henry Ballroom, and they got into an argument so she stormed off. Determined to avoid the boyfriend she decided to take a cold evening walk home rather than suffer his company any further. She went up Archer Avenue and was struck down by a hit and run, the driver was never found. Her parents were the ones that came across her body, she was buried in Resurrection Cemetery in her white dancing dress with matching shoes.

There have been attempts to find a possible basis for the tale, one of which was a burial for Mary Bregovy who died in 1934, her death was an auto mobile accident on the Chicago Loop. Another theory was that it might be Anna “Marija” Norkus who died in 1927, another accident with a car when she was on her way home from the ballroom. Of the two this one appears to be a more solid theory as it was at least linking up the two areas together.

Since the 1930’s reports of this nature continue around the area, the cemetery is located in Justice, Illinois and often report the event between that of Archer Avenue or Willowbrook Ballroom, hence the continued connection. Interestingly the reports continue to present day, so I wonder if anyone that stumbles across this will contact me to tell me that they too have had a brush with the paranormal. (Of course I don’t wonder if some of them are pranks with people in white dresses running up the road, just stir it up.)

It seems like any good ghost story there’s not enough detail to work out who she is, despite the theories. She fits the classic vanishing hitchhiker story which is in my opinion possibly one to file under Urban Legends, then again with eye witness accounts not “friend of a friend” who can say. Of course no ghost story would be complete without a cheesy horror film to go with it.
Resurrection Cemetery Justice IL 1