Hessdalen Lights

Posted: October 16, 2011 in Aliens or UFO's, Films, TV or other media, Unusual Findings, Weird
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Hessdalen is a small valley area in central Norway, between 1981-1984 the local residents were alarmed by a series of strange lights. Hundreds of them were observed, with sometimes up to 20 a week being sighted and reported currently. The peak in 1981 seemed to have a report for 15-20 a day, that’s a lot of light shows, and better than any fireworks in my opinion.

Whilst the phenomena has calmed down there are still reports and where possible data is still collected. There is no suggestion of the Paranormal but there is a lot of interest in them and why they occur.

Got a severe case of insomnia? You could always watch the webcam.

The lights are usually white, yellow or even red as a description. They may be free-standing in the sky or sometimes they hover around, when they do move it is with terrific speed. The lights are part of a series of reports around Norway about unexplained light phenomenon and has tourists that are quite avidly interested in the idea, not to mention you can always book a tour for the Northern Lights whilst on your journey.

So what are they?

They could be minor natural gas explosions, where you get something like a dust cloud that ignites. Some have put forward that it might be some form of plasma ball where a similar thing will occur, the plasma ignites and creates a small explosion.

Some of them have later been identified as car lights, aircraft etc when looked into but none-the-less there are many that are still part of the lights phenomenon and enough interest in it that they have a research station.

Whatever the cause of this there’s definitely some interest in it still and National Geographic have covered it.


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