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A little tale I was handed on the interwebs



White With Red

One day, a man on a business trip checked into his motel. The receptionist was nice enough when she told him that his room was number 14, but suddenly got very serious. Deadly serious. She told the man to not go in room 13. The man, now baffled, agreed and went to his room.

On his way to his room, curiosity overwhelmed him and he decided to look through the keyhole in the door of room 13. After all, there wasn’t any harm, he figured. When he looked through, all he saw was the back of woman with pale white skin. The man decided that was enough and went to his room.

The next day, as he went to check out, he decided to look through the keyhole again. This time, all he saw was red. He assumed she had seen him and put something red over the hole, so he walked away. This decision saved his life.

When he got to the desk, the woman behind it saw the look on his face, and said “you looked through the keyhole, didn’t you?”

He nodded. She sighed and said “That room is haunted, one day a man and his wife checked into that room, and the man murdered the wife. But there was something different about these people: they were white all over except for their eyes, because their eyes were completely red.”

Another one of those tragedies that gets to be accompanied by a variety of spooky tales. Villisca House is also now a tourist attraction…

1912, Joe Moore and his wife Sarah were with their children in church on the evening 9th June 1912, after church two friends of their daughter went back with them to spend the night. The next morning all were found dead, a seemingly well perpetrated crime as no one was discovered to have committed it, the murdered remained at large.

Here is their official website 

It’s more of a tragic story that’s been given an overhaul with a chance to get a ghost story in.

This is not a crime to be solved, the detectives spent hours trying, bloodhounds were sent out. So many attempts were brought to the case but very little came back from it. There were 8 people bludgeoned to death, the doctor estimated that the time of death was around sometime after midnight.

Today may have produced utterly different results, with fingerprinting, DNA, extensive searches with widened knowledge about crime solving and many other tools the case might well have been brought to justice but for these victims the crime is unsolved, the murdered(s) are as dead as they are.

I searched around on the wonderful youtube for some videos to do with the paranormal activity. I have put a couple here that interested me that are listed as EVP

The EVP phenomenon is always interesting, if this is real it’s incredibly clear and interesting. I like it a lot.

Another here




The Chase Vault is located 7 miles from Bridgetown in Barbados, the reason the family vault has become famous is down an incredible tale about the coffins moving. The vault has half above ground and the other half below, this was to protect the vault from natural elements. Due to the story of the moving coffin and over a number of years the vault was eventually left abandoned.

Whilst there has been a few versions the most elemental parts remain the same. The vault was constructed for James Elliott in 1724 but he was never buried there. Instead it’s first occupant was Thomasina Goddard in 1807. Sometime a year later the vault came into the hands of the Chase Family, a wealthy Barbados family. Rumours are that the head of the family, Thomas Chase, was not well liked and he was cruel to his slaves.

On Feb 22nd 1808 the body of his infant daughter, Mary Ann Maria Chase was taken to the vault. Goddard’s wooden casket sat in the corner as expected. In 1812 it was then opened again to bury his other daughter, Dorcas. Again nothing unusual was reported, the two girls lay at rest. One month later it was Thomas Chase himself that was to be placed in the vault. One of the girls caskets was found displaced, reports around the time say Mary’s coffin was thrown from the north-east corner to the opposite corner with such force it was standing on its end. It was assumed to be the work of vandals, the caskets were placed back in place and the marble slab covering the entrance was put back in place.

1816 – another infant Samuel Brewster Ames was to be placed in the vault. This time all of the coffin’s bar Goddard’s were moved. To replace Thomas Chase’s casket took eight men to move it, due to the weight. Once more they ordered the caskets into place and left. Samuel Brewster the elder was then placed there in Nov 1816, again the coffins were moved and the vault had to be sorted again.

By this time the local legend had found more than one interested party, 1819 they buried Thomasina Clark and again the coffins had been moved. The governor, Lord Combermere was at the burial. A search showed there was not sign of movement in the sand, no secret entrances but sadly due to the constant disturbances Goddard’s wooden coffin was showing signs of decay and was slowly falling to pieces. The governor and the officials there placed their seals in the cement as a proof it was remaining sealed up.

In 1820, eight months later, they opened the vault. The seals remained in tact and the slab was in place but the coffins had once again moved. With the exception of Goddard’s casket they were all strewn around again. This time however a rather grim report came from the People’s Almanac that Dorcas’  bony arm was sticking out of the side of her coffin. After this the coffins were placed elsewhere and the Chase Vault was abandoned. Christ Church Parish Church is there the vault is still located today, and whilst there are no reports in the papers about the event it would appear that the originator of the story Thomas H Orderson, the Rector of the time, did provide his accounts to interest parties.

The Williams Vault, nearby was supposedly affected with some similar story. Speculation states they were hoaxes by Freemason’s or other such ideas.

Below are two pictures I found on a google search. The first is an older depiction and the second the most recent.

It was with sadness I read about this place, Aokigahara Forest in Japan and the above title is a quote from Wataru Tsurumui’s ‘The Complete Manual of Suicide’. The Dense Forest seems to be the choice for those who wish to end their lives.

78 bodies were found in 2002 and the signs around the forest do not appear to be a deterent. Signs such as “please reconsider” or “please consult the police before you decide to die” are nailed around the fences.

The forest attracts people looking at it’s natural beauty, the macabre who seek to search for the bodies and the suicide victims themselves. Local’s are apparently rather adept at telling which aim the person entering has.

It is considered to be a very haunted place, a purgatory for the Yurei, unsettled ghosts who have been torn unnaturally from their lives and howl their suffering on the winds. Some spiritualists say the trees themselves are malevolent and they try to keep people in with them.

Even in such a place the regular work must continue, the regular forestry work must be done. Unfortunately they will come across the bodies of victims in various states of decay, there is a special room set aside for these things.  In the room is a bed for the body and one for a spare person… it is thought that if the body is left along the Yurei will scream the whole night through.  So still think you have a crappy job?

As with some other videos I have posted I do this with a warning, this is an incredibly sad video and if you are not feeling up to it, I would advise you don’t watch it.