Villisca House – Axe Murders

Posted: November 13, 2011 in Films, Ghosts, Paranormal, TV or other media, Unusual Findings
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Another one of those tragedies that gets to be accompanied by a variety of spooky tales. Villisca House is also now a tourist attraction…

1912, Joe Moore and his wife Sarah were with their children in church on the evening 9th June 1912, after church two friends of their daughter went back with them to spend the night. The next morning all were found dead, a seemingly well perpetrated crime as no one was discovered to have committed it, the murdered remained at large.

Here is their official website 

It’s more of a tragic story that’s been given an overhaul with a chance to get a ghost story in.

This is not a crime to be solved, the detectives spent hours trying, bloodhounds were sent out. So many attempts were brought to the case but very little came back from it. There were 8 people bludgeoned to death, the doctor estimated that the time of death was around sometime after midnight.

Today may have produced utterly different results, with fingerprinting, DNA, extensive searches with widened knowledge about crime solving and many other tools the case might well have been brought to justice but for these victims the crime is unsolved, the murdered(s) are as dead as they are.

I searched around on the wonderful youtube for some videos to do with the paranormal activity. I have put a couple here that interested me that are listed as EVP

The EVP phenomenon is always interesting, if this is real it’s incredibly clear and interesting. I like it a lot.

Another here





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