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A great degree of outrage was expressed about the rioting in London, people taking to the streets causing vast damages to cars, shops and property in general. In the 1780’s there was a London Riot that I believe was far worse in comparison, was this due to the care and conditions they were in or are we simply no good at organising a rebellion? We’re out of practise, we’re more civilised with our approach? Who knows but rioting, rebellion and other forms of protest about the place have really been a history of the world.


Outside Bedlam and inside, the controversy of the mentally ill do not just apply today. Registered private madhouses, publicly funded or care in the community how can the “insane” be cured? Speaking on a rarely personal level about this, I suffer depression, it comes in bouts, it can be extreme or mild. I can have the majority of the symptoms controlled by fluoxetine which also aids the companion to my depression, OCD. Most people that meet me say they cannot tell, I have to politely point out that unlike a missing arm, a blind eye to injury or an obvious disease with symptoms mental illness still faces good and bad days as an illness.


So let’s take it back a bit, with such a troublesome irk as myself who cannot possibly function without the intervention of a quack Bethlehem it is! Of course those “ignorant do-gooders” outside often thought there would be a better way to deal with it. Partly from fear of the unknown it’s pretty simple to think that everyone in a madhouse is literally sat there rocking, hair half pulled out, drawing over the walls with pens or blood and picking at scabs… yes the plight of the mad from a media sense really hit the news. Made all the more poignent by an attempt to burn down Bedlam to allow the “prisoners” out.


Some genuinely would have been misplaced, there is no argument there but others might be in need of being detained for their own good. When the rioters hit the streets all of this became background noise just like the recent riots. The effects on the mass populous and the damges to property, alongside controlling the situation take over.


So how did they fare?


The Gordon Riots – anti-Catholic riots that lasted for a week


  • 40-60,000 people involved
  • 285 rioters were killed
  • 173 injured
  • 139 arrested
  • 12 rioters were imprisoned
  • 25 people were hanged
  • 50 patients from Bedlam handed themselves in rather than face rioters
  • Estimated cost £180,000


The London 2011 Riots – Lasted Two nights in major effect, regards the shooting of 29yr old Mark Duggan


  • Arrests 1802
  • 1st Night, 310
  • People Charged 1032
  • 5 deaths
  • 16 injuries
  • 20800 emergency calls (no telephones in 1780) compared to average 5400 = 400% increase.
  • 2169 calls to the fire stations = 15 times normal amounts
  • Police injured = 44 on the Monday night
  • Minimum cost of the riots over 1 million pounds
  • Specific listed incidents numbered 160

And my next look is likely to be at the Ginhouses…

The Philadelphia Experiment was something I had read about years ago, named due to the location the experiments were carried out in. It is alleged that sometime in October 1943 was based on an aspect of “the unified field theory” which was a term coined by Albert Einstein.  They were trying to create an invisibility/cloaking device presumably for war etc.

The Eldridge was the ship that was involved, she was invisible, but not only that she appeared to teleport to Norfolk, Virginia over 200 miles away.  It is claimed that for some time she was visible to SS Andrew Furuseth’s men and then returned to site in Philadelphia.

Versions of the tales include shocking side effects for the crew, some were physically fused in the ship, some had mental disorders as a result and others simply vanished. There are other claims that those who did come back were brainwashed to maintain secrecy.

So if this was the case, how did it come to light? In 1955 Morris K Jeesup had a letter from Carlos Allende who wrote to say that he was serving on the SS Andrew Furuset , he said that they witnessed it and he said that had some details abut the missing crew.  Allende has been elusive to find at best, possibly because he fears for his life or because he was an invention in the hoax.

Jessup then tried to make money out of publishing books after the initial one, his follow up book failed to be accepted and the in 1958 his wife left.  Depressed and unstable he moved to New York, after returning to Florida he was involved in a serious accident and was slow to recover, he was found dead April 20th 1959 and his death was ruled a suicide.

Of course the idea of the experiment seems to contradict all knowledge about science and no Unified Field Theory exists though it is something to do with ongoing research.

So with lost ships and other things is this true? Or just a simple hoax that has been glorified by conspiracy theorists? The ship was supposed to have gone missing, it turned up as scrap metal thanks to a bureaucratic error.  With advances in science they have used “quantum teleportation” which only exists on the particle level. They cannot forsee it being for large scale projects which again lends little creedance to something from over 50 years ago.

Either way as a concept for a horror it certainly grabs me, and ranks high on the weird and wonderful factor.



So this is the year we get to be convinced the world is ending, of course I wonder why we don’t just accept that if you read into many things you can work out every years the year it will end. Anyways all the quips and wits aside there is always something interesting to watch and read about these things.

Previously I posted the Horseman in Egypt video, yes it still fascinates me but alongside this some of you passing by will likely know I love Ghosttheory. They have reported the information about the noises heard around the globe, strange groans in the sky and other curios. I find myself watching videos and wondering if perhaps the world is crying out or if we just become more aware of the amazing things that do happen here on Earth.

So the prediction is 21st December 2012 this will be the last day of the world as we know it, does that mean apocalypse, spiritual awakening? A major shift in climate bringing a new ice-age? Or my cat learns to talk for real…

I found a site that many may well have come across –

I can’t say I really want to waste my year worrying about the end of the world but I will carry on watching things about it.

Now of course if you would like to freak yourself out, possibly depress yourself I don’t know, try Threads. Basically an 80’s docu-film that scared the living Bejebus out of us kids…

Silent Hill the game has always been a favourite of mine. I think more than the game I enjoy the concepts presented in the story. I don’t want to be a big spoiler person so I am going to just say that the ideas of personal nightmares and some of the creations fascinate me.

I was, I admit, then quite surprised to hear that there was a town who was closer to the reality of the smoke filled daylight that is presented quite damned well in the movie Silent Hill.

Centralia has a pretty tragic story in itself, a town that slowly dwindled, a few people remain I think. The once bustling mining town became too dangerous to sustain once the coal mines underneath caught accident.  The government have stated that it’s just too expensive to extinguish it and I have to wonder as wonderfully advanced as things might be, how the hell would you start? I’m not an expert so I guess I have no idea but wow… some kind of mission that would be.

I could really go on about this one for some time but I’ve decided instead to post a video of Silent Hill and then one for Centralia for viewing pleasure. I should expect I will venture back to this subject again.






Happy New Year

Posted: January 3, 2012 in Horror, Lovecraftian, TV or other media

I can’t do the happy cheery thing as much as I try… so instead I bring you an Auld Lang Syne with a version I like

Happy New Year!