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In 1911 a carnival worked called Cancetto Farminca was killed in a fight. One of the reports states he was hit by a tent stake during a quarrel. His body was taken to McDougald Funeral Home in Laurinburg, North Carolina. His father came over to the place and paid ten dollars in order to have the body embalmed. He said to the funeral director that he would return with the rest of the money and burial instructions.

That was the last the funeral home ever heard of his father, instead Mr McDougald found himself with a body that kind of stuck around as he hoped he might come back. For a while it hunt from the wall in the embalming room, then it was stored upright in a box in his garage.

The locals were either unable to remember Cancetto’s name or perhaps they could not pronounce it, so instead the unfortunate gent was know as Spaghetti. He became a local tourist attraction and over the course of 60 years he was visited by people from all over the country.

New York Congressman, Biaggi, heard about him in 1972 and managed to raise enough of a fuss about it to get the funeral home to bury the body.  Now he lies in Hillside Cemetery under a marker donated by the funeral home. He is rumoured to be under two tons of concrete as they worried that he might well end up dug up at some point.

It started with a 75 pence purchase on ebay… a memorium card.

Inside the card I had her name, Alice C Lockton, the daughter of Mr & Mrs J E Mousley. She died in Paris in 1926 on August 20th at the young age of 39. All I had was a card and the chance of finding her listed at Welford Road Cemetery in Leicester, England.

Welford Road Cemetery is one of the typical Victorian cemeteries, sadly whilst many of the graves and the area itself has survived the original buildings no longer do. It is the 3rd oldest cemetery in the country and is still in use. It is a Listed Grade 2 English Heritage site for Parks and Gardens, and covers an impressive 31 acres.

The Friends Of Welford Road Cemetery proved to be absolutely amazing at assisting me, they gave me everything I needed to find the area I was looking for.

At the furthest away walk from the cemetery tucked up amongst other headstones sat Joseph Lockton who died 16th November 1918. The sad fact is the son of John Lockton died of pneumonia following wounds (gas) at the young age of 31.  He has a listed war grave memorial and in the same plot sits Alice Charlotte Lockton, his wife.

At first we had thought she wasn’t listed, I was content that we had at least found a trace to the little e-bay purchase but then as we moved away Alice had one last present to share.

Her grave was nearly missed as I had been so sure that my journey to find her had ended there but here it is. All I know is that Alice Charlotte Lockton died in Paris, August 20th 1926 and was brought back to England to be near her husband.

I wish I could have found out more about her life, I know that she married a gunner and that he died not long after the end of the war. If anyone ever does come across my post and could offer the information I would love to know more. All I have is a little piece of paper in my study but it is a reminder that someone out there lost a husband to a war, died in Paris but was returned to England and now sits part of the beautiful cemetery of Welford Road.

Here are the links to the Memorial information I could find: Announcements and Commonwealth War Graves Commission entry.

I also hope you enjoyed my little road trip find as much as I did going out to find it.

Thank you

There’s several arguments floating around about this and I’m not going to pick a side, where is the fun in that anyway? It’s for other people to decide what they believe after all.

So what is EVP? Some believe that they are the voices of the dead talking back in a format where we cannot always hear it in the natural scope. Some feel that it is a way to communicate with lost/angry spirits.

Others feel that it is simply a case of Apophenia, our brains fill in the noises to sound like something, we want to make something from a series of noises and random patterns.  Pareidolia is one of the most cited arguments about this being the case.

Photography and sound have been part of the study of the afterlife for seemingly as long as they have existed. Human beings are desperate to hear and see proof that this is not the end, religion is not the way to sate the mind, for so many now scientific proof over faith is the only way forwards.

Electronic Voice Phenomena may be the brain filling in the bits we want to hear, but how is it then some people use this by asking questions and seemingly getting relevant answers, names, facts or findings they can later go on to verify? Was it a big set up from the start or proof that a spirit is genuinely able to communicate?

Scepticism seems high on the scale with the voices of some being just too clear for it to seem like the voice of the dead coming back. But how does a deadman sound to know the reality? With floods of supposed EVP on youtube and other simple engine searches can it really be something that is proven or not? Also it would appear that attempts to recreate these recordings do not seem to produce anything under scientific controlled conditions.

Allow me to present some of the ones I have found and you can make up your mind.

EVP ONE – from

EVP Selection – from

Have a quick search on youtube and I am sure you can find some. If you get any particular good ones do let me know!

A fantastic find on Ghosttheory that I wanted to show as well….


Okay so most likely just floating ice in a current but isn’t nature just wonderful? This is the “iceworm” and it’s another cryptid on the random list of cool things that may or may not be out there. You know like Big Foot and whatnot.

Whilst I think of another subject this seemed like a good one to enjoy.


Cheers 🙂