I am fairly sure if you are passing through this site you have heard of the Bermuda triangle.   So this story will likely be familiar but I found it and was interested in it’s topic so would like to share it.

The triangle is an area located around Miyake Island about 100 km south of Tokyo. As with many things that of this nature I have noted that the size and exact location varies.

The area is said to be a danger zone on Japanese maps. According to Charles Berlitz (American Linguist and teacher) he states that during the peacetime years between 1952-1954 Japan lost 5 military vessels and crew. The government sent out researchers and that ship vanished, finally the area was declared a danger zone.

Of course I am throwing in a little realism here, I suspect that many of the “missing” vessels have actually been fishing vessels and many of them disappear without a trace outside of these triangles.  But I should also mention that there has been mention of UFO’s and therefore other conspiracies linked to hiding the disappearing vessels.


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