“The corrupted knight with an uncorrupted body”

He is known in local legend to have sired 11 of his own children and over 30 other illegitimate ones. In 1690 he used the ‘droit du seigneur’ to take a shepherd’s daughter to be his wife. She refused and he killed the shepherd. (A pleasant chap eh? Why on earth would she say no?)

As an aristocrat his word would be taken as gospel and he walked free after pleading not guilty.

Sir Friedrich Von Khalbutz died aged 52,  and in 1783 the last of the line died. In 1794 the church where he was buried was being renovated. The bodies were to be moved and buried in the cemetery. All but Khalbutz had decayed.

The local populace decided that it was down to God’s punishment for the murder. Modern theory suggests that he had suffered an illness that emaciated his body. A possible list would include Cancer, Tuberculosis or a muscular disorder.

(top image – http://historymystery.eu)

(image courtesy of wikipedia)

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