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I am fairly sure if you are passing through this site you have heard of the Bermuda triangle.   So this story will likely be familiar but I found it and was interested in it’s topic so would like to share it.

The triangle is an area located around Miyake Island about 100 km south of Tokyo. As with many things that of this nature I have noted that the size and exact location varies.

The area is said to be a danger zone on Japanese maps. According to Charles Berlitz (American Linguist and teacher) he states that during the peacetime years between 1952-1954 Japan lost 5 military vessels and crew. The government sent out researchers and that ship vanished, finally the area was declared a danger zone.

Of course I am throwing in a little realism here, I suspect that many of the “missing” vessels have actually been fishing vessels and many of them disappear without a trace outside of these triangles.  But I should also mention that there has been mention of UFO’s and therefore other conspiracies linked to hiding the disappearing vessels.

It’s free! If you work on the grounds.

The North Cemetery hosts 2000 living people, entire families living in converted mausoleums, as people sit at home moaning about their air conditioning or the dishwasher playing up, spare a thought for 40% of the population of the country who live below the poverty line.

80+ funerals per day take place in the large cemetery and the residents pretty much live in a gated community. James Chance undertook a project and has some quite honestly breath-taking images of the life of the people that live there.

click here  for his images.

Still think you have it rough? What an amazing display of versatility, and proof that you don’t need to be scared of the buried dead… just the weird gribblies outside.

Sports day anyone?

I love curious things, I love odd and possibly crazy ideas made real so this is on my list of fun things! So how about the Annual Coffin Race?

The Emma Crawford Annual Coffin Race, takes place in somewhere called Manitou Springs and the chances are most people passing by this post won’t have heard of the place, well that is unless you like creepy things like haunted hotels etc.  For a good review of this I found this – Click here

 Manchester Mummy 

So previously I had mentioned a Carny Mummy so I figured what the hell I am English and from Lanacashire, I’ll add Hannah Beswick to the list, not to mention it keeps in with the theme of the dead.

Hannah supposedly left express instructions in her well that upon her death she would want her body regularly checked for signs of life. To make this easier her doctor has her placed inside a hollow grandfather clock for easy viewing. She was apparently buried 110 years after on 22nd July 1868.

A light in the dark…

From running coffins and obscure displays I move to the curious and very original looking grave of Sal Giardino’s grave.

Sal’s grave is an ode to his profession and the fact that he loved his job. Sadly taken before his time due to cancer Sal’s daughter collaborated on the ode to his life and work.

Slenderman is a mythical creature often depicted as being tall, thin and wear a black suit with a white shirt and necktie. One of the prominent features of the face is that there is a lack of them. He can shorten and lengthen his arms at will, and has tentacle-like appendages from his back.

The background – June 8th 2009, a Photoshop competition was launched on the Something Awful forums. The idea was to pass the story off as a real entity and from there on the myth continues.

8th June was the start, 10th June user Victor Surge then posted in a thread, the first known mention of Slenderman as a creature who stalked children.

June 20th 2009 Marblehornets (Click here for the youtube page) began to host video’s of retrieved tapes by “Jay” or “J” who claimed that they were taped by a friend who had since disappeared. It was later made clear they were created by two-film students.

So now there are reports where people are genuinely claiming the entity to be true. A google search will do the work for you and here is the debate I suppose.

Is he something to use because an internet meme created him or was someone using a genuine experience to create a meme and hide the validity of the claims.

(Picture from

a video with a Slenderman type thing in the background?

In general shipwreck’s fascinate me and one of the biggest disasters at sea is the Titanic. April 15th, 1912 the White Star Line ship struck an iceberg on her maiden voyage from Southampton, England to New York City, USA. She carried only enough lifeboats for only a third of her passengers.

She carried 1,136 passengers and around 900 crew. Of 2,200 people 1,517 lost their lives. 710 survivors were brought aboard by th RMS Carpathia only a few hours after she sank. It was a disaster met with shock, outrage and a legacy for the modern world of conspiracies, alon with adventures to locate her. The fateful night itself is well documented and adapted. I’d like to write about a bit that was interesting to me.

White Star Line chartered the cable ship CS Mackay-Bennett and three other Canadian ships set off to recover the bodies. Each left with embalming supplies, undertakers and clergy. 333 victims were recovered, 328 were retrieved by the Canadian Ships and five more by passing North Atlantic steamships. In Mid-May 1912 RMS Oceanic recovered 3 bodies over 200 miles from the sinking site, they were from Collapsible A. Originally a female from the Collapsible A was recovered but the Oceanic then found the 3 bodies that had not been retrieved , they were formally buried at sea.

Again the first class passengers fared better than the others. When it was established the embalming supplies could not cover all the recovered victims, they decided to embalm the first class passengers. The port authorities would only accept the embalmed so the rest were buried at sea whilst the first class were embalmed for the purposes of identification due to large estates.

Around two-thirds of the bodies were identified, the unidentified were buried with numbers according to the order in which they were found.; The majority of the recovered 150 were buried in three Halifax cemeteries. Fairview Lawn Cemetery is non-denominational. Mount Olivert is Roman Catholic and Baron de Hirsch is Jewish.

59 of the bodies were identified by family members who had them transported to either the USA or to Britain. One body affected the crew of Mackey-Bennett who paid for the service and gravestone. Recent DNA testing has proven him to be 19 month-old Sidney Leslie Goodwin, an English child who lost his entire family. Sidney was buried 4th May 1912 with a copper pendant placed in his coffin by he sailors, it reads “Our Babe”. The bodies of his mother, father and five elder siblings were not recovered.

Theirs is but on tragedy among many and I hope that as the anniversary comes closer people remember them not for the Blockbuster films or best-seller novels but for a history that enriched other lives, forced better safety regulations and for the bravery of the people involved.

Click here for another wonderful related article from the comments, but I didn’t want anyone to miss it on passing.