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What a strange tourist attraction this is… basically the local people who did not keep the yearly payments up on their graves were going to have the bodies dug up and the grave reused.  There are 119 mummies on display.

The soil properties, the dry climate and time appear to have naturally mummified the bodies and in some cases their clothing. The bodies were put on display at “El Museo de las Momias” and are those buried during a cholera outbreak, it is possible that has contributed to their state.

The bodies were from people that had died between 1865 and 1958. The law stated that the graves had to have a yearly payment but around 90%  of the bodies had to be desinterred due to non paymemt, around 2% of them naturally mummified. A law stopped the practise in 1958 but the original mummies were moved into the museum so people can pay to see them.

It’s not something for the faint of heart, I would advise before clicking on the video that you take into consideration there are some children and other subjects in there that may be upsetting.

Due to the spread of the disease and epidemic of cholera the dead were buried quickly, unfortunately some of these bodies were buried alive.  The museum is a bit of a creepy place but as with all things I find, it peaked my curiosity. One of the things I did find interesting is that the original Nosferatu film maker Werner Herzog took movies of them to assist him with the authenticity of the film!

Perhaps more terrifying than the original mummy video – a song by Toyah Wilcox devoted to it!

Mount Everest.

Sunday People – 18th January 1976, a report ran to say a ghostly “third man” helped Dougal Haston and Doug Scott in the last stages of their climb. Dr Charles Clark the medical officer for the British team last September revealed that remarkable claim.

In the harsh conditions and thin air they felt a comforting presence at their side. They survived a horrific night just under the 29,002 summit with no food and problems with their oxygen supply.

Doug Scott, at home in Nottingham, explained a comforting presence to his left. The presence followed them into their snow-hole and Dougal was found to be speaking to someone.

22nd October 1978, the Sunday People ran a second report about Nick Estcart who claimed to have seen a figure 200 yards behind him, again on Everest. The figure vanished as he came to Camp Five where no one else could have been there.

It’s said the area of Saw Mill Road, Downington, PA, once had red iron gates leading to a long abandoned mansion. The place was the scene of a gun-murder when a father killed his family. The house then lay empty, left as it had been and the bodies were buried on the ground.  This area had left the locals with stories of Satanic worship, mafia in the mansion and other suchlike tales.

A trip to the place now leaves people with chain-link fences. There are no gates to be found, there are some stone ruins of various dwellings and plenty of trespass signs.

There are of course tales of lights from the abandoned building and very real dogs chasing people off, not hell hounds! Of course if anyone had passed through the gates of hell they have never come back to talk about it.

Not far away there are Twin Tunnels, Creek Road with their own story. Two Tunnels are corrected by a little open space and a wire connecting them.

Stories say that a man hung himself on the connecting wires, at the entrance to the tunnel towards Boot road, there is a spray painting of a suitcase with an arm sticking out and pointing down. The writing on the wall says “help me” and it was apparently pointing at a suitcase on the ground with a female’s body parts on it. They say she was killed by a motorcycle gang from the area in the early nineties.

Another tale says a woman became pregnant out of wedlock and after giving birth she hung herself with her baby in her arms. Rumours say that if you turn off your car, wait a while and turn it on again you will see the handprints of a baby on the windshield.

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Light – 7th August 1915, an article describes an experiment carried out by Dr W J Crawford who took phonograph records of traps, bell-ringing and other sounds from séances. The records were sent to be analysed and the noises were faint but audible.

“The Man That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing” are a Steampunk band from London. The name is a reference to the chalk inscription discovered on a wall above a blood-stained apron thought to have been discarded by Jack The Ripper.

The Band produced a track ‘sewer’ from their debut album on a limited edition wax cylinder, 40 were made with 3 going on sale. The box  came with instructions on how to ake a cylinder for less than £20.

I cannot say that I appreciate beauty pageants at the best of times, perhaps this story counts towards why… the length’s some people seemingly go to just to make children look more adult? Why… let children be children. Anyway! Before this becomes a very personal rant instead of a report on a strange case here goes.

JonBenét was child beauty pageant contestant, she was murdered in her own home in 996. She was reported missing and found eight hours later in her own family home’s basement. The six year old had been struck on the head and strangled. Her case remains unsolved and continues to generate a great deal of interest.

Law enforcement initially favoured her parents and her brother, the the family were exonerated in 2003 due to DNA evidence from her clothing. Media coverage often focuses on her beauty pageant involvement, and some have questioned how the police handled it.

The ransom note discovered was supposedly to the value of $118,000 and despite instructions not to contact the police she did. A search was carried out by police and it was John Ramsey, her father, who found her body. DNA extracted in 2003 is ran through CODIS weekly.

An in-depth look at the tragedy can be found here 

Curiously a male-to-female transgender formerly known as John Mark Karr decided he would confess to the murder.  DNA excluded her but she continued to cause more problems. I find it sad that an already terrible tragedy was made worse by false confessions. I hope that the original killer is found, and that the poor young lady gets the justice she deserves.