Ever wondered if female drivers should be discouraged? Maybe this urban legend was designed to try and do just that!

Here’s a shortened common version:

A woman goes out to meet friends, she then leaves the bar fairly late. She heads back in her car and in the rear-view mirror she sees a car, when the car is determined to have been following her she started to try and get free of it. She gets to her house and makes a mad dash to get inside where she can call the police.

As she does the man leaps out from his car yelling that she needs to get inside and call 911. When the police arrive they find out that the man following her was trying to save her. As he had pulled up on the road behind her he saw the silhouette of a man with a butchers knife and it looked like he was trying to kill her. He had began tailing her to keep the lights on her to stop the man from coming back up.

Moral? Always check your back seat I guess.

It is possible that the story traces back to New York during 1964, a New York Policeman discovered a murderer trying to escape and his ingenious plan was to do so by hiding in the back of the cop car!

Not all Urban Legends are completely without the truth either. In 2007 it was reported that a female in the Alabama area was threatened by a man with a gun. He’d been on the back-seat of her SUV and popped up suddenly. Luckily she escaped by slamming on the brakes and running from the car.


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