The Ouija boad is registered trademark of Hasbro Ltd. It’s marketed as part of it’s line of board games. The Ouija board has a set of letters, numbers, yes, no, hello, goodbye and there is a planchette to indicate a spirit’s message on the board during a séance.

It was commercially released by a businessman Elijah Bond on 1st July 1890. The board was regarded as a harmless game until American Spiritualist Paul Curren used it as a diving tool during WW1. Despite being repeatedly debunked y the scientific community they are still widely believed to work, and condemned by many Christian’s as a tool of the Devil.

Looking for films with the Ouija board in them? Paranormal Activity (2007), Repossessed (1990) The Exorcist (1973) and Thirteen Ghosts (1960) are a sample to start with.

My mother had a personal experience with the Ouija board, she said that her and her friends tried. The answers, she felt, were something that no one but her grandmother would know. Regardless of what I believe if my mother felt it was something she didn’t feel safe around I wasn’t going to argue and for that reason I have never experimented with one, nor will I.

Bahzozo (Zozo)

this Zozo thing has me skeptical in that it strikes me as another wonderful ploy to get a film or something, however unlike Slenderman they are genuine with the claims and the more people see it the more they are likely to fall under the spell.


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