Posted: April 14, 2012 in Medical
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Capgras Delusion is a strange disorder, a person that holds to a delusion that someone very close to them by an identical imposer. It’s extremes can vary and whilst most commonly diagnosed with schizophrenia sufferers but can also occur in those who have suffered other physical troubles, diabetes for example.

It seems to occur more frequently in women with a ratio of 3:2. Does Capgras perhaps explain other things such as changeling’s. Perhaps this is another explanation for something found in folklore, the doppelgänger  (double walker) which could have been a portent of evil or misfortune.

In contrast Fregoli Delusion is another, thankfully, rare disorder in which a person is convinced that different people are in fact a singular person. The sufferer can believe that the various people they see are all one person who disguises their self.

  1. My wife has it. Terrible affliction.

    • Archard says:

      I would expect that this is very difficult on you and your wife? I read some fascinating articles on the symptoms and yet have seen nothing solid about treatment. I wish you both the very best of health for the future.

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