A strange case though I do not believe necessarily a case of UFO’s or strange monsters but that I believe is up to you. However it does have a lot of questions down to the evidence they found on both the bodies and the scene in the area.

The tragedy resulted in the death of 9 skiers on February 2nd 1959. They were on the East Shoulder of Kholat Syakhl, the Mansi translation means Mountain of the Dead. The leader was Igor Dyatlov and this is where the re-name comes from. The area was banned for three years afterwards and the full chronology of the events are unclear as there were no survivors.

The hikers were determined to have tore open their tents from within, with barefoot victims in snow with temperature’s of -30 degrees Celsius.     The corpses showed no signs of struggles but two victims had fractured skulls, two with broken ribs and one missing her tongue. Tested clothing also showed signs of radioactivity.

Their goal was to reach Otorten mountain, and one of the members turned back due to illness, the ten person team became nine. Diaries and Camera’s make some movements traceable, they recorded on the 1st February they planned to get over the pass and make a camp on he opposite side.

The weather had become too severe for this to happen, they may have lost direction which is how they ended up on the west, upwards to the top of Kholat Syakhl, they they realised the error they stopped to make camp on the slope. When no telegraph from the group came in as expected a search team was put together.

26th February they found an abandoned and badly damaged tent, they were able to follow footprints from the camp to the edge of nearby woods but the tracks soon stopped due to snow.  Two bodies were found under a cedar tree with no shoes and dressed only in their underwear. Three more were then found between the cedar and the camp, they seemed to have died in a position suggesting they attempted to return to the camp.   On May 4th the remaining four bodies were found under four meters of snow, in a ravine.

The Medical Examination showed no clear cause of death and so concluded it was mostly likely Hypothermia. The four later bodies changed that view when they found that one had major skull damage, and two had major chest fractures, the force was comparable to a car crash and yet the bodies had no external show of injury.

It was suggested they might have suffered an attack from the Mansi people unhappy with them in the area, the nature of their deaths did not support this. The nature of paradoxial undressing in hypothermia could however explain some of the deaths but not all.

In the end the verdict was death of a “compelling unknown force”. The official inquest ended in May 1959 but the records were only made available in 1990’s and with parts missing.

Another strange occurrence that night was that another group of hikers around 50km south, reported seeing strange orange spheres in the sky (presumably about that area too). Further sightings were reported between Feb and March of 1959. They were later said to be launches of th R-7 intercontinental missiles of Eugene Buyanov.

A very good detail on the case


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