This Devil guy gets around far too much doesn’t he?

This time he has a legend in Wales, the Devil’s Bridge Falls around the 11th Century. He had heard the scenery was breathtaking and headed off for a visit (obviously Satan needs a vacation too). He came across an old lady who was upset and asked her what was wrong. She pointed out that her cow had crossed he river and she could not get her back. (I don’t query why at this point).

The Devil being a helpful chap told her she needed a bridge, he would make her one but in return he would get to keep the first living thing to cross the bridge. That night she agreed to meet him the following morning and realised that if she went to get the cow she would then be the Devil’s…

Ever resourceful as a human, and presumably the Devil had some kind of brain fart, she called upon her faithful dog, they went that way and discovered the amazing bridge. The devil had kept up his bargain so now he wanted what was his. She got to the entrance, threw a loaf of bread across it and let the dog chase it down. The devil was upset he had been caught out and supposedly was never seen in Wales again.

Personally I am pissed off that the old lady thought so little of the dog!

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