Warning – Very Sad!!

This is a tragic tale (and I will advise you that searching online gets some sadly upsetting pictures) of a young boy whose murderer was never identified. The young man himself was around 4-6 years old and was found in a cardboard box Feb 25th, 1957.

A young man was checking his muskrat traps, fearing the police would remove the traps he never reported the sighting of the dead boy. The body lay in  a blanket, inside a box for a few more days until a college student was driving that way. The student spotted a rabbit running into the bushes and stopped the car to check it was not caught in the traps. What he found was the body and after deliberation he reported it the next day.

Despite print-outs of the poor boy being distributed and large campaigns, no information about him came forwards. Theories have been abundant and stories about his conspirators letting him wind up where he did. Regardless of this the case remains unsolved.

The story and all attempts to find out more about the young man are documented about the web, the boy in the box has become a spot on America’s Most Wanted, has it’s place in Cold Case, CSI and Law & Order:SUV

Rest in peace little man, the murderer(s) surely will not.

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