It’s said the area of Saw Mill Road, Downington, PA, once had red iron gates leading to a long abandoned mansion. The place was the scene of a gun-murder when a father killed his family. The house then lay empty, left as it had been and the bodies were buried on the ground.  This area had left the locals with stories of Satanic worship, mafia in the mansion and other suchlike tales.

A trip to the place now leaves people with chain-link fences. There are no gates to be found, there are some stone ruins of various dwellings and plenty of trespass signs.

There are of course tales of lights from the abandoned building and very real dogs chasing people off, not hell hounds! Of course if anyone had passed through the gates of hell they have never come back to talk about it.

Not far away there are Twin Tunnels, Creek Road with their own story. Two Tunnels are corrected by a little open space and a wire connecting them.

Stories say that a man hung himself on the connecting wires, at the entrance to the tunnel towards Boot road, there is a spray painting of a suitcase with an arm sticking out and pointing down. The writing on the wall says “help me” and it was apparently pointing at a suitcase on the ground with a female’s body parts on it. They say she was killed by a motorcycle gang from the area in the early nineties.

Another tale says a woman became pregnant out of wedlock and after giving birth she hung herself with her baby in her arms. Rumours say that if you turn off your car, wait a while and turn it on again you will see the handprints of a baby on the windshield.

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