A Brazillian legend of a rich woman from a dutch  background. She lived in the 19th Century, in Sao Lúis, who became well known because of her cruelty.  Because of her cruelty God refused her soul into Heaven and condemned her to wander the streets in a mythical carriage.

It is led by a headless slave, and pulled by beheaded horses that are there to scare the passers by.

Ana Jansen rose to power via marriage to powerful men, who then ended up dead. She would cruelly make slaves lay in mud to walk over them or throw them into spiked pits as just examples.

Click here – has a blog entry that puts forward a local’s theory on the carriage.  Perhaps the ghostly tale is due to an invention so smugglers could keep people in at nights. It would certainly make moving goods around easier.


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