England is full of quirky tales and ghostly mishaps so I always love to present them in the hopes that they are new to someone passing by. This particular one comes from a stretch in Dartmoor where there were an unusually high number of vehicle accidents in the 20th Century.

The legend comes from Postbridge, Dartmoor, the road is now known as B3212.  A quick look on google maps would give you a good idea of the layout of the land. Moors are bleak places and it’s easy to see how legends spring up from them.

The Hairy Hands are a pair of disembodied hands that appear suddenly grabbing at the wheel or handlebars and force the victim off the road. For some of these cases they have not seen the hand, so there are in essence two reports given about this.  The good news is that most of the victims have survived, however Dr E H Helby, the local medical officer, was not so lucky when he died in 1921 but two children of the prison governor who rode the sidecar came out alive. Several weeks after his death an Army Captain reported that he had been forced off the road by a pair of invisible hands.

Of course a very reasonable explanation is simply people speeding along on roads that require some attention when driving!


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