Wollaton Hall

The hall is quite a wonderful building in itself, with over 500 acres of deer park it was built by Francis Willoughby. The hall is now used to house exhibits of the Nottingham Natural History Museum and the industrial past of the city.

In the early 1980’s two staff were chatting to a foreman and heard laboured breathing. It sounded like it was in the room with them, as they listened the sound moved away and faded as if the person was walking off.

On another evening an attendant heard a tune being whistled, another witness was called so they could check the room. When they looked inside there was nothing so they shut the door and carried on, the tune then started up again inside the room so they decided to leave it for good.

With a building that has been there since 1588 it seems some of the residents enjoy it enough to carry on sticking around.

Trent Bridge

Bridge’s have a rather grim history for being a place to commit suicide. Nottinham’s Trent Bridge is not free from this, dark figures have been reported leaping into the waters to never make a noise on impact or to resurface. Some more sensitive people have reported feelings of apprehension as if someone were getting reading to leap into the river.

Canal Street.

In 1976 there was a ghostly disturbance at a former police station and mortuary. Strange sounds were reported; lights back on after the owner locked up for the night. This may go back to when the building was the police station/mortuary as a corpse was brought in and then awoke quite suddenly from the catatonic state. An ambulance was called but the person died, the strange bangs and groans might well be something to do with that.

Retford Town Hall

A barrister haunts the Town Hall, the ghost is either Victorian or Edwardian. He is not a responsive fellow, he seems to be a residual haunting and is often seen around the grand staircase.


Near the old disused railway sidings there are some houses with large car parks. One family with CCTV were trying to catch vandal’s but caught evidence of a haunting that was previously unrecorded.

Muffled sounds came through the sound speakers, they were described as European. Music possibly 1940’s was heard and one of the family members delved into the areas history. They discovered that it was the site of a World War 2 POW camp.


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