Betsy Aardsma

November 29th 1969, a young promising student was stabbed to death in the library at the Pennsylvania State University. At an unknown point in a short window the young lady was stabbed through the heart by a single-edged knife.

The young lady fell and a desk clerk reported that one man (possibly with a second) said that “somebody better help that girl”. By the time she reached the hospital it was too late. Betsy’s red dress has masked the full reality of the damage done and they did not realise how bad it was until she reached the medical centre.

The identity of the person/persons the desk clerk spoke to have not been confirmed. Her attacked has not been found and a beautiful 22 year old woman’s murdered will be judged on the other side.

One thing I was glad to hear about is that Paranormal State were refused a chance to exploit this woman’s death. They wanted to conduct a paranormal investigation but college official’s refused. From all accounts online there is no evidence to suggest the area is haunted and I see no reason for a hammy show to start fabricating it either.


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