Aspley, Nottingham is about a two minute walk away and I know the area fairly well. May 1987, in Nottingham was the scene of a poltergeist haunting that left a family abandoning their home; the family consisted of husband, wife and three daughters.

The Costello family, John and his wife Helen moved into the house with their three teenaged daughters Sharon (20), Suzie (18) and Rosie (13), due to Sharon being disabled with autism the house had been adapted to their needs.  One day in February that year they came home from a day out and heard the sounds of what they felt were heart beats. Sharon was herself in such shock that she had to be taken to the hospital.

Later on they reported that they had heard mournful music, from an electric organ that had been disconnected. Then they heard a spirited solo on a three-stringed child’s guitar. Windows were smashed, the plugs were pulled out and Sharon’s bedclothes moved around.

A spiritualist, Betty Henswell, stated that there were five ghosts in the house and eventually after the evidence from her was read in court, Jack Yates (64) said he would corroborate the story by staying on their couch. It was felt that he had the integrity to do as he was a retired solicitor’s clerk.

He ended up in a bizarre fight with an unknown force that lifted him up to a foot in the air. It lasted several minutes and at one point took all of his strength to make sure that he could come down again. A typewriter then began to work on its own and typed out ‘AH AH’. Strange noises were heard multiple times and police and social workers both experienced weird feelings.

A priest was called in and when he sprinkled holy water on the stairs it was chucked back at him. The events carried on with the new tenants James Cotterill, his wife and their three children. They reported the same issues along with locked doors opening and a cross inside appearing on the wall.

  1. lisa says:

    my grandmar owned the house and i grew up in it ,,2 of my grandmars husbands died in the house,, it was haunted ..

    • Archard says:

      Do you have any experiences you would be able to share? Thank you so much for commenting.

      • Lisa clarke says:

        I used to be terrified to go upstairs, when running a bath the tap would move and it felt like someone was there . The dining room used to be freezing colder than any room , my nan Mina Clarke remarried harry Goode both died at the house , my nan stopped me sleeping in her bed only to be told later that my grandad was getting in the bed. Then in 1982 we lived with nan b4 coming to Australia 1 night I thought there was a fire and smoke was coming up the stairs but it went threw the door it was scarey, I will speak to my mum who knows more , the family said my grandad must of got mad when she left house and came to Australia

  2. Keith Linder says: please contact me if u are the family or know the family.

  3. Lisa clarke says:

    My grandma lived in the house for many years there were only 2 ghosts my grandad and my step grandad who both died in the house of cancer , I seen it come up the stairs and threw the door , my gran stopped me sleeping in her bed due to the fact my grandad was getting in there

  4. gary says:

    I knew who lived in that house jimmy

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