Posted: June 10, 2012 in Ghosts, Paranormal, Urban Legend
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Malaysian mythology, the still born child of a Langsuvar turns into one. They can also be created when a woman dies during childbirth or killed by a Pontianak. They attract their victims by appearing as beautiful young ladies (mainly aiming for men then!) and digs into the unlucky victims stomach. She uses long sharp fingernails and feeds on the victim to survive.

 The ghost is one of the most violent known to the Malays, she will attack pregnant women in a jealous rage too! She may sound like a baby crying… if you smell a Jasmine flower and then a horrid stench after she might also be nearby.

 Legend holds that she lives in a banana tree and if you tie a red threat from the tree to the foot of your bed the Pontianak is forced into your bidding. If you drive a nail into the back of her neck she will transform into a beautiful woman.

 I can’t help but thinking this is the opposite to many nights out where they seem to turn back into the hideous beast the morning after (joking of course).


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