Dorothy Talbye

Posted: June 12, 2012 in Demons, Paranormal, Theology
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I have to admit that I was a little shocked to find that a video search for information met with nothing so I am going to have to fly solo and yet another day with no video... hope you can forgive me!

It is an example of a trial where no matter the state of her mind he woman was convicted of murder and then accordingly sentenced to death. She was hanged in 1639 for killing her daughter, three years old, because she said God had told her to do it. The Puritan Governor believed she was possessed by Satan, he was John Winthrop.
She was a respectable member of the church in Salem, Massachusetts who became increasingly more melancholy and violent. The church tried to intervene and assist with her husband and children because she had tried to kill her husband but eventually she was cast out of the church. She also failed to appear before the Quarterly Court for assaulting her husband in July 1637.
She was consequently bound and chained to a post, she was also publicly whipped for the infractions against her husband. For a while it seemed that the situation had improved but then she again fell into despair.
She admitted to killing her daughter by breaking her neck, she refused to speak at her trial until John Winthrop threatened to put pile stones on her chest. She refused to repent at the trial and actively fought her execution. She removed the clothing covering her head and put it under the noose to lessen the pain, she also attempted to grab at the ladder to save herself.

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