their site 

okay I am English, which means I am going to talk about English ghost hunters UK Paranormal.  Why? Well actually I am very fortunate and one of the people I know.  🙂

They have a measured outlook as well in regards to not jumping straight to the “lets have a look at some orbs and vote haunted”.  I have spent a fair amount of time engrossed in reading the investigations. I would definitely urge anyone in England looking for a site with good advice on investigations to consider their pages.

Ghost “hunters” to me is a bit of an archaic term, investigation does sound more professional and also more like you want to capture the event not cull it. Hunting suggests killing, and these folks are likely already to be dead enough…

I hope you enjoy their site and check the EVP’s they present as I found them quite a good listen too.

if you would like to buy the book from one of their members (and featuring them) it is on Amazon (link)


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