Replay Student Ghost

Posted: June 22, 2012 in Ghosts, Paranormal
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The report came from a place near Preston, Lancashire. A husband and wife moved into the property and neither had any particular interest in the paranormal. They were later to find out that the longest anyone had stayed in the property was three and a half years. They did not stay long either.

Shortly after moving in the wife spotted a a shadow move across the kitchen window as she was washing up, she looked up to see a young man in old corduroy trousers, dirty grey jacket and muddy heavy shoes. She thought he was a local youth and watched him go through towards a short cut via a hedge. She went out to see him and ask what he was doing but was unable to find any trace of him.

The incident repeated itself many times and on a couple of occasions he walked towards the door but never knocked on it, then turned around and walked to the bottom of the garden. He always seemed to follow the same routes which leads to the idea that he may well have been on a replay, some kind of imprint on the area that continues like a recording with no interaction involved.

She did not mention it to the children, her husband seemed understanding but he remained sceptical. One afternoon her parents came to visit, as they got out of the car they witnessed the young man too. They too followed but could not find him, inside the rest of the family had coffee and chatted. The wife’s mother then asked where their visitor was, but she explained that there was no one else. They described the same boy and although she was glad it was not just her imagination she was very worried by the knowledge it was a ghost.

Months passed and nothing happened, he was all but forgotten but a year later she saw him again. Three days later she was with her parents in the back of the house and they saw him again. This time her mother shouted at the young man but they got no response. They also came to the conclusion that the times they had seen him were in October.

Her husband then requested for an investigation, before the bungalow had been built there was a farm, there were still some fields at the back. The route of he land corresponded to where  a path had once existed.

The couple that had lived on the farm had tried to get their son to study hard rather than to be stuck working the land. He had got a place at university but he had become troubled and would often walk around with this head down, seemingly working out some decision. His parents had been unable to help him through is isolation and they hoped he could work out the problem for himself. Unfortunately he never had recovered one afternoon in October he threw himself into a pond and drowned.

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