She was a schooner (the ones with masts and sails) that was wrecked on the Goodwin Sands off the Kent coast on 13th February 1748. She is said appear every fifty years as a ghost ship.

She was sent out to see on 13th February because Simon Reed (captain) had been recently married and was celebrating with a cruise. The ship was bound for Portugal and despite the tradition of it being bad luck to have a woman aboard his wife Annetta was there too.

Legend has it that the first mate (John Rivers) was pacing the deck in anger, he was a rival for the hand of captain’s new wife. The captain, Annetta and guests were below deck celebrating but John Rivers was in a jealous fit and took a heavy object to the head of the crew member at the wheel. Rivers then seized control of the wheel and steered the ship to the Goodwin Sands, killing everyone onboard.

The first sighting of the ship surfaced 1798 on the same day and month, she was spotted by two ships. In 1848 a local seaman was convinced the ship was in trouble and sent lifeboats from Deal. In 1948 she was spotted by Captain Bull Prestwick and reported that although she appeared real she gave off a strange and eerie green glow. No report came in for 1998.

It seems that the Goodwin Sands have a history of claiming lives and The Great Storm of 1703 seems to have provided a good example of this.  13 men-of-war and 40 merchant vessels were claimed. The loss of lives totalled 2,168 but the Deal Boatmen of the area were a credit to their service by rescuing 200 men.  Naval Vessels include – HMS Northumberland, HMS Restoration, HMS Stirling Castle, HMS Mary and HMS Mortar.


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