Famagusta in Cyprus was a beautiful spot that demanded hotels due to increased volumes of tourists. It was one of the most popular places to visit and in the early 70’s boasted famous visitors like Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and Brigitte Bardot.

The Turkish Army gained control of the area in 1974, just hours before the conflict that led up to this refugees fled. I believe the figure is around 45,000 people who were told that they would eventually return home. To date that has not happened. Since the area was barred only the Turkish Military and United Nations Personell are given access. The plan was to allow the return of Varosha to Greek Cypriot control but it did not happen.

Due to this the area lies abandoned with the buildings being left to fall apart, nature reclaims her and reports of Sea turtles have appeared as they have been nesting on the deserted beaches. Following it’s abandonment there were reports of lights being seen still burning in the windows of abandoned buildings and a car dealerships remained stocked with the now Vintage 1974 car models.


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