I have never been to the place but for a village it certainly does boast some “spooks”.  The Museum for the area sounds worth a visit as it is the old Blacksmith’s forge and still has the forge and bellows inside.

All Saint’s Church gives a report that one evening a lady was out walking her dog and cut through the churchyard. Suddenly she felt that the area was very dark and oppressive. She described the noises she then hurt was like the chattering of a thousand monkeys. She states that her dog fled the area after raising his hackles and growling. It is also said that shadowy figures are said to be seen there at night. I have a slightly skeptical view of these sorts of reports however as I find Churchyards have so  much foliage that insects reside in them and chatter away… crickets I have heard can be quite strange sounding when walking alone at night. However once spooked it’s never a nice feeling and a swift exit from the area no doubt brings relief.

Hawkin’s Hall Lane – a little old lady shuffling around dressed in black and bent over has been reported. However it is not until the poor witness gets closer they realise that the “bent posture” is not true at all, she is in fact headless! It is said that she may well be the ghost of a lady who hanged herself with wire at a nearby cottage when her husband suddenly passed on. I am however unsure as to why she would haunt the spot unless she has not been allowed to rest in piece due to her suicide or has yet to be united with her husband.

And my last one  (there were others) that I picked for interest is from the Railway Station.  It is said that you can hear the ghostly screams of a man named Walter Clibbon. Not to mention reports of a headless horse, but both may have been old tales slowly ending up there from another area. Clibbon’s died around the Bull’s Green area to the south and the horse appears to have travelled from Whitehorse Lane in Burnham Green. It might also be noted that from the sources I found, there is no station… Perhaps someone can give me some better details on these little ditties.

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