Derek Bentley Haunting

Posted: September 1, 2012 in Films
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Derek Bentley was the cause of outcry because it was considered to be a miscarriage of justice against the 19 year-old. Bentley was executed in 1953 and it was reported he came back to haunt the bedroom of his family home. The family dog would react to his presence and they would find the bedclothes in his room disturbed.

He was a retarded 19 year old (mentally aged around 11) and was convicted alongside 16 year old Christopher Craig. They were accused of the murder of PC Sidney Miles, Craig fired the shot as they were trying to rob a warehouse, the words he shouted were apparently “Let him have it Chris!”. He was old enough to be sent to the gallows and this was carried out despite many attempts to have the decision overturned.

In 1998 his murder conviction was quashed as it was determined that he had been denied fair trial. Perhaps Bentley just wanted to hear his name cleared before he could move on?


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