Rhode Island, USA seems to be host to a strange tale originating between Mapleville and Burrilville and is based on a true story that has now received the supernatural ghost treatment.   Katherine Donahue was a woman in love, she was a tall dirty-blond haired lady from the 1810’s who was going to marry her lover, Jonathan Cuttle in the September. Katherine had a great life bar one problem, a man that lived alone nearby and was obsessed with her; David Jones was the obsessed next door neighbour.

 One day Katherine and her younger brother went to the nearby swamp, she went to get water for the family and Charles went off to hunt pheasant. It was a seemingly nice day until David suddenly snapped, in his own house he had come to the conclusion that he would not have her and she would never love him so he charged out of the door with a knife. He stopped at Jonathan’s farm first and spotted him out picking hay, he put it down and turned to be faced by David who jacked the pitchfork he’d been using and jabbed it into Jonathan’s back.

Katherine was by the water and David saw her, he threw the knife at her which went through her neck and she screamed in pain as she died on the ground. It is said that the rocking chairs of the property now rock themselves, along with other ghostly voices or noises around the halls. Unfortunately for this one I found relatively little on the case to help with its validity.

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