The Biltmore Estate

Posted: February 17, 2013 in Ghosts, Medical, Paranormal
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1914 saw George W Vanderbilt die from complications for his surgery he had for appendicitis, his wife was extremely distressed by this. She would sit up late at night in the Library, in front of the large marble fire place and though he was never there she would talk with George freely. The servants felt that she was loosing her mind.

 Perhaps not so much though as it’s said that you can feel his presence in the Billiard Room and the 2nd floor Oak Sitting Room a favourite place of his. It’s said at night you can catch her soft voice talking with George and workers at the site over the years have reported apparitions, voices and even screams.

 Another slightly disturbing report is of a headless orange cat. As an animal lover I am not to sure I’d visit the area between the Gardens and the Bass pond thanks to that. It’s not just the cat however, there are also reports of swimmers voices echoing through the pool room in the dead of night. Insane laughter is also said to be heard from the drain at the bottom of the pool (or maybe it needs cleaning who knows!) either way keep close to the guide if you venture to investigate the place.


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