Little Peoples Village

Posted: February 20, 2013 in Paranormal, Urban Legend, Weird
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Middlebury, Connecticut has a little village in the woods on the side of an abandoned road, DamnedCT explain the directions and as such I leave interested parties their link too. The village is a number of small three to five feet houses that are now in varying states of degrees, they are part of what was one a mini village on a train ride for an amusement park, Lake Quassy Amusement Park, when the trolley line for the park stopped nothing was done to maintain the “throne” and mini buildings for the village but here goes with the interesting factoids as such.

So here we go with the tales, one story is that a man and his wife were living peacefully in Middlebury when she started to report seeing Fairy type folk in the woods. She demanded her husband created them a place to live and slowly as the enchantment left so did the sanity of the people and eventually their lives.

Another version says a man that lived alone succumbed to hearing the voices of the little folk, he built their village but was driven insane by their talking. Eventually the voices moved into his head and he killed himself.

Either way the stories of this small amusement park feature have now evolved into the gruesome stories above along with tales of the haunting spirits of the little people in the area. Of course if you want to hang around to investigate it’s said that if you do decide to stay too long you could go insane too, who knows…


Amusement Park



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