The Brown Mountain lights appear along the ridge of the mountain located in North Carolina, the lights move erratically and are usually seen from a distance but disappear once you start to climb it. No one according to the legends has really pin pointed what they are, but the sightings have been going on for some time, long enough for the Cherokees that inhabited the area have stories about them.

 At two places on the Blue Ridge parkway you can see the lights and there are two stories attached to the phenomenon. The first is that it was a war between two Native American tribes where at night the women would go out and look for their husbands taking large torches, with their husband’s dead they keep roaming the area looking for them and that is why the lights are seen.

 The other story is that it was winter and that a little girl had gone missing, her father went out to look for her. Both of them died and to his day he continues to search the area for her.

 With no homes or roads built on the mountain it’s not a place to go and sit to work it out, it seems like a very haunted land for this reason. In 1922 there was some research done into the lights, they decided the lights were a result of misidentified train lights, fires or even mundane stationary lights however according a marker on the Blue Ridge Parkway this may not be the case, shortly after the start of the research a flood knocked out power and train lines and yet they continued to appear.

 For those of you that may be unfamiliar with Brian Dunning’s skeptoid this is the podcast/write up he has done on the matter.


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