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Byberry Mental Hospital was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was opened to the patients in 1907; it was a work farm from 1910-1920 until construction for a larger asylum was began and completed. Asylums were at a popular high and with it came more and more patients, Byberry was one such place. As the population of the patients grew so did the tales of patient abuse and neglect.

Without the right funds for the place the patients were left naked, starving and sleeping in sewage filled halls, not to mention the state of the hospital itself that was in disrepair. The patients would be huddled together in dingy rooms, they did not socialise correctly and they often had little to no supervision.  So imagine the stories of the very worst asylum treatments and you are probably close to their experience.

There were padded cells, they had restraints, they would use solitary confinements and physical punishment. This in turn went with the lobotomies and the electric shock. Byberry was known as a “real life house of horrors” and there were murders and suicides, the heavy handed regime was a part of many patients lives. In 1990 the doors of Byberry were closed by state authorities, there had been an investigation into the place and the awful conditions within its walls.

And so, here goes! There are many stories about Byberry and after it closed it invariably became a den for vagrants, delinquents and satanic cults. It also possibly would have had former inmates returning after it closed as they had no other place of knowledge and would have likely been institutionalized   Underneath the asylum there are catacomb like tunnels that give way to an urban legend, a violent and psychopathic patient hides in waiting with a large knife to slice the throats of anyone in his path.

Of course if that isn’t enough for you, do take note that apparently at some point the Satanic cultists have managed to open a doorway to hell, and here was me thinking Buffy had closed it at her school…

(I have found out that this place is now demolished but decided to post it anyway)

In India this is a deserted town with some 10000 properties, established in 1613 by Madho Singh, it was abandoned soon after it was built as it was supposedly cursed by a magician. The fort is a very intact view of the medieval part and whilst the town was desolate following and old Mighal invasion it is looking like it may become inhabited again. For now however it seems that it is still busy with people.

The board tells people that there is no entering the borders before sunrise and after sunset, and those that have visited have often come back with reports to say that it is a very eerie place.

Madho Singh built it with approval of Baba Balanath who meditated near there, he predicted however that the moment a shadow of the place should touch him he would be undone. The city would be no more should he be touched by the presence of Bangarh. 

The grandson of Madho, Ajab, was ignorant of this however and raised the palace to a height that the shadow went to the forbidden place. This led to the devastation of the town.

I went through this station myself so that’s the reason for this small but quite entertaining little story. I was on Amtrak to get to friends for Thanksgiving and thanks to Shadowlands (google them they are great) found this little tale.

 The Subway at the train depot in Fayetteville, North Carolina is said to have its own spooky goings on. Randomly whilst there either day or night there is a chance you will see a man in an orange shirt on that vanishes without a trace. Apparently there have also been calls to an old time phone and whispering or whistling has been heard when dining but no one else has been around.

Now don’t just plan to stick to spook spotting salad side, there’s a ghost on the Railroad Tracks too who has been reported from the 1700’s. The Vander Light as he has been named is a ghost of a man who went out on the train for a smoke, the train slammed on the brakes and fell off. It was a grizzly end to the man who had his head cut off, apparently if you go down to the tracks there is sometimes a lantern seen but it’s actually the man looking for his head. If you get close he disappears.

 I didn’t find anything spooky about the area; then again I was probably super tired from travelling for the best part of two days. It was very late at night and the area was still manned by wonderful staff, I also found the local taxi driver there to be a great help at learning where all the various places were. No ghosts for me on my trip I’m afraid.

The Instructions for anyone with Excel 95?

1. Open Excel 95 with a blank work sheet
2. Go down to the 95th row
3. Select the whole row
4. Tab over to coloum B
5. Goto Help/About
6. Hold down ctrl-alt-shift and click on the tech support button
7. A window appears call “Hall of Tortured souls”
8. At the end of the hall and all the programmers names
9. Do a 180 turn and type excelkfa. Walk thuorgh the wall and see the pictures.

The internet and world of silly meme’s was taking its foothold in the childhood states of the mid 90’s and along with that came silly e-mails and the nonsense websites. So perhaps if you ever saw rumours of Microsoft Excel 95 having a mystery realm called The Hall of Tortured Souls, you may well have browsed on by, unless of course like me you were a bored student and simply had to abuse the hours in class you were given.

The Hall was like a mini-game of creepy chambers where the walls fell away to reveal pixellated pictures of real people, the thing is that this is not a rumour and it really did exist. So by following the above instructions you would get a pop-up that bore the header of the Hall of Tortured Souls.

It was one of the Easter Eggs that Microsoft hid in their products during that decade but this was a pretty darned creepy one.  The reality is however it was more of a credit roll for the developers with a little elaboration.

In Stratford, Connecticut, the site of the mansion was formerly used to burn a lady named Goody Bassett at the stake for witchcraft. After the house was built it seems the “magic” lives on, if you are to stare in a mirror in the house long enough her face will stare back and you will get a needle prick on your arm for being so indignant as to stare.

Reverend Phelps and his family owned the house and returning from Sunday Service March 14th 1850 they found the interior in a shambles. The expensive furniture, china and their food had all been strewn around downstairs. They thought at first they had been burgled but after walking into the dining room he declared demon spirits had found their way into the home.

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