Monroe,  North Carolina gives us the house located on Franklin Street, haunted by William Blakney who legend tells us hid the fortune he had somewhere in the house. There is also a mention of a girl that was related to him who watched her parents get run over from an upstairs window. Cheery house right?

 The house has been used for business purposes and first remodelled around 15 years ago into “Boswell’s Restaurant.” Before that time the kids were told that they should not try going around the house or in it, perhaps adults were trying to stop them from trespass.

 Once the place opened it didn’t take them long to report strange goings on, there were dishes moved, tables and they have reported that tables that were set were moved around to disrupt them from preparing for guests to dine. The businesses that have opened there have reportedly been unsuccessful and the latest of those businesses closes its doors before dark. 


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