The oldest running amusement park in the world is in Connecticut, it could hardly go without some mention of ghosts now could it? So it turns out that even back at the days of the opening there were rumours of dark things… Chief Compounce was the former owner of the land and drowned whilst trying to swim. It is said that since his death buildings on the land has experienced hauntings at one time or another.

It also seems like bad luck comes with the park, a child died from injuries after a near drowning, a worker was killed under a ride, another was decapitated by a roller coaster. However, given the time span it’s been running I don’t wonder too much that these were statistically on the horizon anyway?

Most of the reports do however seem to be in the Star Light Ball Room. The park is now under the hands of new management and the website presents the interesting rides that can be found. I’d certainly go there if I was in the area, it looks like a lot of fun. Apparently however some overnight staff with no knowledge of the rumours still tell people that it’s quite an eerie place at night.

Amusement Park Website


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