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The Cock Lane Ghost was a reported haunting attracting a mass of attention in 1762, following the death of William Kent’s wife in childbirth he became romantically involved with her sister, Fanny. Canon Law prevented them from marrying but they moved to London and lodged at the property in Cock Lane, then owned by Richard Parsons.

There was some accounts of knocks and noises but it seemed relatively uneventful and the couple moved out. Fanny died from smallpox and Kent successfully brought legal action against Parsons over an outstanding debt and it seems that the problems started up again. Person’s reported that Fanny was haunting his property, and she was haunting both him and his daughter.

The ghost pen-ultimately claimed that Fanny had been poisoned with arsenic, Kent was publicly the suspected murderer but a commission of people stated that the haunting was a fraud, it was also proven later on that the scam was carried out by Elizabeth Parsons pushed into it by her father. The responsible parties were found guilty and Richard Parsons himself was sentenced to two years in prison, and pilloried (put on a public display for humiliation).

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The Michigan Murders were committed by serial killer John Norman Collins, they were a highly publicized series of killings between 1967  to 1969. The murders began with Eastern Michigan University student Mary Fleszar on July 10th, 1967 and her body was found in August on an abandoned farm a few miles north of where she had disappeared.

Two days after her remains had been identified, minus her hands and feet, a young man arrived asking to take photo’s of the woman and was rightfully denied. They did not give a clear description of the man either.

A year later student Joan Schell was found dead with multiple stab wounds, she had last been seen with Collins, who was a failing student and when questioned he claimed he was with his mother just north of the Detroit border, police took him at his word.

March 1969, Denton Cemetery gave up another victim of Jane Mixer, a law student (University of Michigan) she was shot and strangled, alongside her were her shoes and a copy of Joseph Heller’s novel ‘Catch 22’. Originally it was thought she might be part of the murders but later on a 62 year old called Gary Leiterman was convicted in regards to her death.

26th March, 1969 gave up another victim, Maralynn Skelton who had been badly beaten, and there was speculation it might be drug related, she had spent some time near Collin’s place and then three weeks later a 13 year old, Dawn Basom was found strangled. She had last been seen along a dirt road where Collins rode his motorcycles on a daily basis. Public outcry was increasing, Alice Kalom was found in a field with a cut throat, stab wounds and a gunshot to the head.

The police then had another body to contend with, Karen Sue Beineman, she was beaten and strangled to death. It was this murder that led to his discovery, whilst waiting on Beineman the day she disappeared a woman in a wig shop had gotten a good look at the man on the motorcycle.  From then on the details unraveled  clues and testimonies led to him being placed on trial for the murders.

Collins was tried August 19th, 1970 and found guilty, he was sentenced to life imprisonment with no possibility of parole due to Beineman’s brutal slaying.  In the early 1980’s he changed his name to Chapman, which was his mother’s maiden name, and is currently serving his life sentence in the Marquette Branch Prison, Michigan.

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My Little Pony fans were pranked back in 2011 with a scary game that froze up the computer and replaced the desktop. It was a downloadable executable file that was to allow a free game to the desktop of the MLP fanbase.

The game was titled Luna Game and was put up on the pony blog April 3rd, 2011. Luna Game was a normal 2d player game at the start, you can move around as normal and then eventually if you went to the right the gamer would find their screen filled up with the image of a crazed PinkiePie or Appleboom. A song would start to play that was in the background, sounding pretty creepy and the game would freeze up leaving the only option for the user to exit using the “End Task” option or wait for it to eventually close up.

The original of the game would then create extra files into it’s root folder and the user would have to manually delete them afterwards. Effectively the game was supposed to be a mini shock fest but doesn’t seem to be a virus or anything dangerous to the machine itself.

How did they respond? Equestria Daily took the game down the same day, and posted that they would no longer allow downloadable games to be posted on the site.

The nuclear bomb images from Hiroshima and Nagasaki are in my mind some of the most poignant moments of history captured. It is not secret to people that know me I am an avid hater of modern warfare outside of the TV screens and books.

My grandfather died of war wounds when my mother was thirteen and no doubt anyone else with connections to serving men and women will know the fear that comes with their campaigns away. So with that in mind I hope I don’t seem to be sensationalising it all with this post.

If any places on the planet were likely to be haunted I would put my last dollar/pound on these two places. No surprise then that there have been reports of voices with pleads and cries from around the area around twilight.

USAF Storage Haunts – Okinawa in Japan, the whole island there is said to be haunted from the WW2 era as well. It is said that one of these areas is the Munitions Storage on Kadena AB, along one of the main roads there is a clearing used for fishing at the lake. It is said that sometimes people are sat there at night and hear noises like feet stomping the ground. There have been reports that a battalion of Japanese soldiers have been seen walking across the lake, who then disappear suddenly.

Yokosuka Naval Base, Gridley Tunnel is a narrow, one way tunnel that runs through a hill from Gridley Lane to Nimitz Boulevard. There are reports from people driving through the tunnel that they have seen a man dressed as a samurai, the reports bear similarity for the most part.

People report that as they are driving through they look in their rear view mirror to see a man dressed as a Samurai, he stands in the middle of the road where there was no one before. Some people have been startled enough to ram into the side of the tunnel.

Legend has it that the samurai was on the way to avenge the death of his lord but was ambushed at the tunnel and cut down. Because he had failed in his mission he cannot leave his place of death. I can’t help but think if that is the way of the Samurai that there should be an abundance of these sightings all over Japan… not every Samurai was Rurouni Kenshin after all!

The Diplomat Hotel, Baguio City in the Philippines is a place rumoured to be haunted. It was a Seminary (college for priests) during the early 1900’s but in World War 2 disaster struck them as several priests and nuns were killed by Japanese forces.

It was converted into a hotel after the war, this strange eerie place has large rooms with king size beds and bibles at the bedside. Everyone from guests to workers have reported that they have been priests roaming the corridors and ghostly apparitions of people carrying heads on platters and it’s not just limited to the idea of the ghosts inside, stepping outside you may see that there are neighbours with precautions of crosses on their doors and windows, and they keep them shut after dark.

The Philippine Military Academy is also active when it comes to ghostly reports, and people have reported heading a platoon marching at night on the grounds.

Alongside this there is a cadet in parade uniform that appears and a priest that was there during the occupation and beheaded. If you are looking for more proof that the White Lady isn’t reserved for just Europe and America you can always try here too as apparently there is one on the grounds.