Near Cornwall in Connecticut is a town that was said to have gone mad and died off. Thanks to the drum of curious travellers however it’s guarded and police watch the area, they will ticket people driving up to the front entrance so be warned! It’s not just spooks that can scare you off.

 It has been referred to, a little over the top I fear, as The Village of the Damned and was not the most suitable place for farming, as industry in the area wound down it’s pretty much likely that the town just dwindled out. However there are rumours abound that the area if haunted. So is there any truth to it?

Well firstly Dudley Town was never a town, it’s the name of a part of Cornwall but due to a large presence of the Dudley family the name seems to have stuck. The name seems to be part of a story from a 1926 publication in which an inaccurate portrayal of the townsfolk and history appears, other than the book there was never a supernatural mention beforehand, let alone tales of a curse.

It’s also said that Abiel Dudley went insane whilst he lived there, along with the town apparently, and yet really was described as “distracted” and unable to care for himself. This rather archaic term could have meant anything but the upshot is nothing particularly strange was ever recorded about him past his inability to care for himself.

Another little titbit is that just like any other forest there are plenty of birds singing in the one in Connecticut, Dark Entry Forest seems plenty alive to those that have gone there. So it seems an author’s inaccurate report has left an unproven account about the “town” that is a private residence but enough that it is being developed into a movie!

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