Elvis lives

Posted: September 30, 2013 in Conspiracy/Hoax
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An oldy but goodie as they say! And a little break from some of my more serious ones.

The King is Not dead!

Elvis Aaron Presley died at age 42, on 16th August, 1977. He had been blighted by ill-health and had taken to drug abuse as well as over-eating. Fan’s across the world mourned his death, by overdose, and some went so far as to deny his death had even occurred.

The body of Elvis Presley was lain for view in an open casket, at his home in Graceland. Despite this fact there were still claims that he was not dead, sightings were reported and the King’s life carried on via speculation.

There were claims that he was a secret FBI agent that had been given a new identity, this was to hide him from the Drugs cartels and save his life. Part of the Men In Black Film pays homage to the speculation as they explain he went home…



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