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This is one of those cases where I am unsure as to what label to give it, medical curiosity?

Gloria Ramirez was born 11th January 1963, and died 19th February 1994, she was a resident of Riverside, California and and is more often known as the ‘Toxic Lady’.

On the night of her death she was brought into the General Hospital suffering from the effects of advanced cervical cancer. She was confused, suffering greatly and the staff injected her with Valium, Versed and Ativan to sedate her. They realised she was responding badly and tried to defibrillate her, reports said that people saw an oily sheen on her body. A nurse tried to draw blood from her arm and said she could smell ammonia from the tube.

Staff treating her hand began to pass out and by several rumoured accounts the staff were ordered to evacuate. A skeleton staff remained to treat her, but she was eventually pronounced dead from kidney failure that related to the cancer.

An investigation was launched, Osaria and Waller were the detectives assigned to the case and found that those who developed symptoms were generally those who had been within two feet of Ramirez. Women were also more affected than the men for some reason. A theory put forwards is that the staff had suffered some sort of mass hysteria.

Two months after her death her body was released for autopsy and burial. An independent autopsy by the family pathologist stated he could not establish a cause of death, because her heart was missing and her organs had been cross-contaminated. The body was also too badly decomposed for him to make any conclusive decisions.

Gloria Ramirez is buried at the Olivewood Memorial Park, Riverside in an unmarked grave. updating this a little. Here is an article from 1995 on the subject.

I have also removed this from the urban legend category as the event has been proven just the how… well that has not.



This has come up a few time as one of the creepiest places on Earth, so what is the story? The island is located on an ancient Mexican canal series, known as part of a set of Chinampas on the Xochimilco canals.

Chinampas were created along rivers, they are artificial agricultural plots made by rafts that were covered in soil and had crops planted on them. They were tied to juniper trees and as they sank morby we’re built in too, eventually repeatedly doing this would form a sort of rectangular island. They were an important part of the Aztec’s commerce and trade.

The remaining chimampa’s are part of the site and one of them belonged to Julian Santanna Barrera. He was a loner, who came to fame by collecting various broken dolls from the canals and rubbish tips. He would hang the dolls on the branches or tie them to tree trunks in order to keep away evil spirits and to appease the spirit of a dead girl he had found.

Santanna Barrera believed the dolls were ‘alive’ and a night it’s said they walk around the island, killing animals, and no doubt assisted in keeping unwanted intruders from entering the area.

His story however did attract the local media, when the island and its resident were discovered. He began to get more people visiting, and for a loner this may have been unwelcome attention.

Santanna Barrera died in 2001 and this created speculation on how. Some rumours say he went insane and drowned himself and others that the dolls came alive and killed him.

Recently I watched The River and the first episode appeared to lift these tales and twist them. His island can still be visited today and you can see pictures as well as information about here –

Sounds like some sort of crazy spell from a wizard doesn’t it? Well it’s actually now a defunct house, but was “the house of the future” when it was designed.

In Kissimmee, Highway 192, the structure looks like a cluster of igloo’s. Roy Mason is the architect’s name, they were built in 1983 and was to be a fully automated home, to be as maintenance free as possible. (Queue the modern smart home?)

It was briefly opened for $5.95 for tourists to take a look around and see the future come to life, but not it is just another abandoned building. However a curio if you are passing in the area I am sure.

A numbers station is a short-wave radio station and is characterised by some unusual broadcasts. They are registered by those searching to be streaming out voices, numbers, words, tunes, morse codes or letters. They have been recorded in various languages and more commonly have female voices although male and children voices have been recorded in some situations. The Swedish Rhapsody broadcast features a child’s voice. They are not officially recognised by any government body, QSL responses have been received from these stations by short-wave listeners who sent reception reports to them. (A QSL is like a receipt of transmission from what I can understand).

An idea posed is that these stations are/were used to send out coded instructions. Encoded messages could be then used via a one time number pad system, e.g. a notebook with the relevant code break that could be destroyed one the transmission was done. It is safer than any other medium on the planet, even if you hear the code unless you know it you can’t decipher it. Theoretically anyone could pick up the code with access to short-wave radio and finding the frequency but knowing what it is, well that’s another story! Drug smugglers were another reason put forwards. The radio stations can be used but this might not be as effective as thought, after all the farms and outlying posts often associated with large scale drugs operations would not necessarily be able to receive the messages.

Another suggestion I had found leant more towards the paranormal, the idea that these are somehow messages that might have been an old broadcast some how replaying over the waves without anyone physically behind them. Perhaps the dead are using it to try and reach out, however if so why would they be so formulaic and not contain a direct message? Often with some of them you can hear background information too suggesting that even if it is not playing live it may well have been recorded as such.

Typically they seem to transmit on the hour or half hour, an introduction to identify the station will be heard and then the bulk of the message is heard.  This repeats for a set interlude and then the transmission will end, usually with an identifier such as a set of zero’s or perhaps music.  Listening to numerous ones quite often they seem heavy with interference, or background noise, some are overlapping with the regular broadcasts which means you can hear a second station on them.  A Florida radio station, WYFR from Okeechobee is a religious broadcasting station and reported that it was regularly affected by a Cuban/Spanish number station. Others have reported that they have encroached across their transmission too.

One thing I can be assured off, the Conet Project collects them and listening to them is both slightly creepy and mesmerising at the same time. Whatever they are used for (and I like the mystery so very much) they are a thrilling find if you haven’t heard of them before.

So if you want to hear them try the link: