CNN listed Cementerio de la Recoleta as one of the 10 most beautiful cemeteries in the world. It is located in Buenos Aries, Argentina and has many notable internments amongst it, including presidents and artists. The city cemetery is laid out with blocks and tree-lined walkways that branch into side-walks with mausoleums. Many of these are in good shape but some have fallen into disrepair.

But a tragic story is also attached to the cemetery, and is that of Rufina Cambaceres. In 1902 the young lady was mistakenly pronounced dead and laid to rest by the grieving family.

Rufina woke up in her coffin and began a futile battle to break free. She suffocated and was found buried alive, she had been scratched and mauled beyond recognition. Her heartbroken father rebuilt the grave site to portray her opening the doors to her own tomb. She is now said to wander the cemetery at night, unearthing dead bodies to check they have not suffered the same fate.


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