Michigan hosts a 78ft lighthouse that went into active service in 1892. Captain Joseph Willie Townsend is said to haunt the lighthouse, a former keeper who seems to have stayed on. He died in the keeper’s house in the early 1900’s, and it was said they could not bury his body for some time. He was left there in the downstairs parlor until the relatives could be gathered for his service. His wife had never let him smoke in the house and so he is said to happily smoke where he pleases now.

Staff and visitors alike reported the smell of cigar smoke, and staff report that chairs etc have been found moved. A man of unknown origin has also been seen peeing in through the windows when no one should have been around outside. There has also been relocated silverware on the dining table and apparitions reported in the mirror of an upstairs dresser.

Marilyn Fischer was part of the founding of the historical society and believes it to be haunted, when she visits she has to leave both of her dogs outside as they refuse to enter the property.

It is open to visitors and has a facebook page.


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