2006 saw the first emergence of this chain-style internet post that was about a 17 year old girl who was pushed down a sewer, she was according to the post, killed by a gang of girls from her school.

Carmen Winstead was pushed and the police were called, her body was recovered and the girls lied, telling people that she had fallen in to the well.

The chain letter then goes on to give an example warning of a young man who read the letter but then didn’t pass that information on, or “repost” it. He was killed and found in the same manner down a well. So now the reader is told to take heed and to make sure they repost it themselves.

There was no record of Carmen Winstead dying in this manner, not in North America and not within the last 50 years. This one is an Urban Legend but none-the-less a good little tale for the blog.

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