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Évora, Portugal, offers up the Chapel of Bones, and is in the Church of St Francis. It is a small interior chapel near the entrance, the chapel walls are covered and decorated with human skulls and bones.

It was built by a Franciscan monk in the 16th Century, the counter-reformation spirit was what he had hoped to capture. He wanted to prod his brothers into further contemplation.

There is a warning at the entrance that reads “Nós ossos que aqui estamos pelos vossos esperamos” which means ‘We the bones that are here, await yours.’

About 5000 skeletons were used and came from cemeteries situated inside several churches around the area. A visit to the church may not be for the feint of heart, but sounds intriguing none the less.


Prague, Czech Republic has the famous Old Jewish Cemetery that lies in Josefov, the Jewish Quarter. The cemetery has evidence of its use from the 15th Century and was used up until 1787. It’s not possible to get an exact number of burials but estimates suggest around 12,000 tombs but maybe up to 100,000 burials in total.

The cemetery is crammed with headstones, with the the oldest identified as the rabbi and poet Avigdor Kara from 1439. It’s possible it was in use before his however.

Due to the instructions in the Harakha it’s not possible for the Jewish to remove headstones or to destroy the graves, so the headstones were moved then a layer of soil placed upon the old graves and the headstones then replaced on the new layer. There are 12 layers in the graveyard.

Conspiracy theorists say that this is the secret meeting place for the Elders of Zion, and that this is where the New World Order ideal was created. This information was first mentioned in Hermann Goedsche’s novel. Umberto Eco wrote a novel in 2010 write The Prague Cemetery novel and refers to this within it.

A remote and beautiful area in the Wolds, England, it was a settlement that flourished between the 12th and 14th centuries, and became abandoned sometime in the 1500’s.

It is a deserted village that was evacuated between the 1950’s and 1990’s. There are ruins around that suggest buildings from the footings, ditches and banks. It can be visited thanks to English. Heritage and studies about the site continue.

St Martin’s Church at the village has survived well due to being used by a nearby village. It was abandoned in the 1950’s, 1959 saw its west tower collapse in a storm.

 The Heritage Site details.


Japan Air Lines, Flight 1628, is a UFO incident that occurred on 17th November, 1986. The aircraft was a Boeing 747 cargo plane going from Paris, France to Narito, Tokyo.

On the Reykjarvik to Anchorage sction at 5.11pm. The crew witnessed two unidentified objects to the left. Each had two rectangular arrays of what looked to be glowing nozzles and the rest of them were in darkness. The two UFO’s left, a third much larger disk-shaped UFO then followed them instead, the pilot’s requested a change of course.

The pilots were granted the change, an oncoming American Airlines plane and a military plane came to join them in order to confirm it’s presence. The crafts sighed JAL1628 but could not see any other aircraft.

The 50 minute long sighting had ended in the vicinity of Mt. McKinley.

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