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In Sutton Scarsdale sits the Grade 1 listed building, it is located just outside of Chesterfield, Derbyshire in England. It is listed on the English Heritage site with details about being able to visit.

In 1002 the Saxon Estate was passed to Burton-On-Trent Abbey, its owner was formerly a man named Wulfric Scott. In 1225 it went to the Lordship of Sutton-in-the-Dale and passed through numerous hands. In the end Oliver Cromwell’s forces seized the estate and a forfeit of £18,000 was levied and paid for by Leke’s supporters.

The structure there now is perhaps the forth or fifth on the land. In 1724 the 4th Earl of Scarsdale commissioned the building. It was to be designed using parts of the existing structure. It fell into the hands of the Arkwright Family which led it to being left to end up derelict.

November 1919 the derelict estate was brought by local businessmen, who striped its assets, including the roof. In 1946 it was brought by Sir Osbert Sitwell, who wanted to preserve the remaining shell. It has now been left in the care of the English Heritage.

There are rumours of haunts, the smell of tobacco and shadows that lurk in the corners. It is said that Nicholas Leake walks its cold, empty halls. Reports of whispers came from the cellars, but they have long been closed off.


One of my greatest fuels for nightmares as a teen was spontaneous human combustion. I had heard an urban legend in the area I lived in about a teenager that had got into the local HMV (music store) and burnt up. I am sure it was an urban legend but it fuelled my restless sleeps for a while.

Which leads me on to the story of Paul Hayes, on the evening of 25th May, 1985, nineteen year old Hayes was walking home in Stepney Green, London, England. The computer programmer was suddenly and inexplicably engulfed in flames. he thought he had been doused in petrol, and from the accounts I found was convinced he was dying.

He curled up on the ground, even explaining he thought that he could hear his brains bubbling. Strangely as soon as it began, it was over, and Hayes stumbled into a London hospital.

He received treatment for his burns to his hands, forearms, neck and face. The police and medical investigators were left with a mystery.



Minecraft is one of those games I know I’d get very addicted to, almost surely because of its free-form nature. I know they are working on the Lovecraftian server to build HPL’s monumental areas, and this just adds to the temptation!

Of course I can’t resist a good ghost tale, in or out of the real world so I’m going to write about the famous one in Minecraft, Herobrine. A now internet phenomena it was started by a screenshot of a distant and foggy figure on the minecraft forums.

The original poster stated that they had been coming across strange constructions in their single-player game. A suggestion that someone (or thing) was present in the game along with them. It went on to say that others had indeed been discovering this same strange event in their games (Creepypasta much?).

Post were then deleted or a simple ‘stop’ message would appear and the account involved was that of Herobrine. Investigations by the community were then made and one poster said that Herobrine was the username of a Swedish Gamer, and the brother of Minecraft’s designer, Notch. Notch confirmed he did have a brother who was ‘no longer with us’.

The reality of that last bit is that Notch has stated he has a half-brother who is very much alive, but they just don’t see each other that often. He said Herobrine does not exist and he has no intention of placing the ghost character in. However he does seem to love to add fuel to the fire by putting in mention of ‘Removed Herobrine’ from update notes for the game.

Fun times? Have you seen Herobrine?

This incident refers to the strange death of Günther Stoll, an unemployed food engineer from Anzhausen, Germany who was suffering from a mild case of paranoia and prior to his death had mentioned ‘them’ on occasion to his wife. He was sure that these unknown people were out to harm him.

On 25th October 1984 Stoll once again mentioned ‘them’ around 11pm that night, he suddenly shouted out “Now I’ve got it” (jetzt geht mir ein licht auf!) and wrote down either YOGTZE or YO6TZE but then crossed it out. Not long after this he headed off to his favourite pub in Wilnsdorf, where he ordered a beer and then fell on the ground injuring his face. Those around him did not feel that he was drunk and said it looked like he had suddenly passed out. When he woke up he drove off again and his whereabouts for two hours after that are unknown.

Stoll then turned up around 1am on the 26th October, in Haigerseelbach where he had grown up. He was talking to a women he knew about a ‘horrible accident’ but it was really late and she told him he should go home. Then around 3am his car was found in a trench by two people, both of them saw an injured man in a white coat near the car, they contacted the police and Stoll was found naked in his car severely injured.

Stoll mentioned four men who were with him, he said they had ‘beat him loose’ and he denied that they were friends. Stoll then died on the way to the hospital.

Police found that he had been injured before the crash, he was run down whilst naked and was in the passenger seat where he was driven to the final location and repositioned. The police were unable to find any further leads and they could not understand what the message meant he had written down and then erased.

The 18 (or 16 depending on your source) year old’s female skeleton lies in the cave of Actun Tunichil Muknal cave, two of her vertebrae are crushed. She was discovered in 1989 it’s an hours ride from San Ignacio, Beluze, and another hours walk through shallow rivers and jungle.

A series of skeleton’s are in the cave of the Mayan people ages from a year up to an adult. They are victims of ritual suicide and all tell different tales. Almost all have been killed via trauma to the head and the more famous is further into the cave, the Crystal Maiden.

Researchers think she may have died violently and been tossed into the cave, she has been there for around 1,100 years. She’s been there so long her bones have calcified leaving a sparkling and slightly plump look to them.

It is known as one of the few listed and protected places in the area. There are tours there and it is advised you need to be careful when you go, damage has occurred in the past and they are trying hard to preserve the area and the maiden inside.