The St Louis Ghost Train is a reported occurrence from St Louis, Saskatchewan in Canada. It’s story has been featured on the series Unsolved  Mysteries. The story entails a light that continues along the route of an old rail line at night, the light varies in colour and brightness. The lines tracks were removed, it used to run between the south of Prince Albert and north of St Louis, however reports of this phenomena keeps coming in.

Explanations for the lights are a ghost train, or perhaps that is it the ghost of a drunken brake-man who lost his head to a passing train. He now wanders the track with a lantern attempting to locate his missing top part.

The effect was replicated to a degree by two 12th grade students using the diffraction of distant light vehicles. The only sang with that theory is that reports apparently came in before the invention of cars. It has also been pointed out that other lights are seen in the trees. However the students may well be on to something regards some of these sightings.



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