Green Children of Woolpit

Posted: January 31, 2015 in Medical, Unusual Findings, Weird
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Sometime around the 12th Century two children showed up in the village of Woolpit, Suffolk, England. The two children had green coloured skin, the brother and sister spoke in a strange language and whilst they both lost the greenish coloured skin over the years, and learnt to eat food other than beans, the boy was sickly. He died not long after the two were baptised.

The girl learnt to speak English and explained that they had come from an underground land, called St Martin’s and that the people there were green.

Two writers reported about this, Ralph of Coggeshill and William of Newburgh. William reported the name was St Martin’s Land and Ralph added that the people there was green.

They were unable to account for their sudden appearance in the village, they were herding their fathers cattle and heard a noise. The two children then appeared at Woolpit.

If you are interested in this tale then you can listen to a podcast by Mindset Central, the link is below.

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