Le Loyon

Posted: July 1, 2015 in Unusual Findings
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In western Switzerland there is a man that is dressed in a military uniform and gas mask who seems to haunt the area, for around ten years now locals have reported him walking around the woods taking the same path each day. The locals call him Le Loyon and are scared of him, when encountered he does not speak and stares at the person before walking off. A photographer tried to take a picture of Le Loyon and estimated him to be around 6’6 in height. Le Matin were the first paper to publish an image of him, before then there had been no evidence of his existence despite reports. Local children don’t play in the woods now because of him even though he has never done anything other than walk around. The local stranger has been seen carrying flowers down the path and according to the authorities in the area there is nothing they can do, he hasn’t done anything wrong.

At one stage in the history of Le Loyon they found his clothes abandoned in the park with a strange note, the note said he was leaving because of ‘The risk of a hunt for the Beast’ being too great.

No one knows why he doesn’t speak and there is no idea where he comes from. Some suggest he may be mentally disturbed or that he might have a skin disease which would cause him to want to avoid being seen by others.

The latest information that I found in regards to Le Loyon was that he may well (or she) have let the character commit suicide. They have posted a letter to say that they would cease their wanderings, though some have taken this as a traditional suicide note, this may be more down to a mis-translation than anything.

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