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Floyd Collins was a well-known explorer who visited the large cave complex in Kentucky, USA known as Mammoth Cave. Tragically he died in Sand Cave there on 30th January, 1925 after a rock fell on his leg and he was pinned in a small passageway.

The day after two friends found him and for two weeks rescuers attempted to reach Collins. It was a media sensation but had a tragic end as three days before the rescuers could reach him Collins perished.

They could not remove the rock and so left him there and sealed the area up that led to his body. His brother, Homer, finally recovered him and then had his body buried at the family property. Two years later his father sold up the place and the new family had his body exhumed, they had the body placed in a glass coffin and he was left on display there for several years.

In 1929 Floyd was subject to another move when his body was stolen, the police recovered the unfortunate corpse but his injured leg was missing. He has not finally got rest at the Jackson’s Flint Ridge Cemetery and hopefully will remain undisturbed.

Is it any wonder then that he is not at rest? the area of Sand Cave is said to be haunted by Floyd, his screams and pleas can be heard from the sealed cave. A story recounts about decades old whiskey bottles being thrown at people who get too close. Is he trying to help though? Colleen Olsen told Kentucky’s Wave 3 News she slipped and started to fall but was grabbed and pulled back up. She turned to thank her friend Richard only to find that he was on the other side and so she thanked Floyd instead.

I have this picture via the Musical written about the events, I am not entirely sure how I feel about that… but here you go anyway.



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This is a chapel located on Via Francesco de Sanctis 19, Naples, Italy and its proper name is Chapel of Santa Maria della Pietà, or the Pietatella with plenty of prominent Italian artists from the 18th Century having contributed to it’s look. In 1590 John Francesco di Sangro was recovering from serious illness and had a private chapel built. It was converted to a family burial chapel by Alessandro di Sangro in 1613 and until 1888 it has a passageway from Sansevero to the chapel.

It has a noteable 30 works of art, but the reason I have picked this for my blog is the rather more macabre piece. I am sure you expected that by now. So the chapel has two early “anatomical models” or macchione anatomiche that were thought for some time to be either early attempts at what we now know as plastination or perhaps even human metallization (metallizzazione umana). They were commissioned around 1760 by Raimondo di Sangro by anatomist Giuseppe Salerno.

The exhibit is of a mature male and a pregnant woman, the skeletons are encased in hardened arteries and veins coloured in reds and blues. They thought that it might have been made by taking the corpses and injecting them with a hardening substance, into the living body! However a more recent analysis gives a better view as to what occurred. They found that the construction of the décor on the skeletons involves wire, silk and beeswax. There seems to be no record of how the skeletons were obtained though, were they murdered for their bodies or were they selected?

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In western Switzerland there is a man that is dressed in a military uniform and gas mask who seems to haunt the area, for around ten years now locals have reported him walking around the woods taking the same path each day. The locals call him Le Loyon and are scared of him, when encountered he does not speak and stares at the person before walking off. A photographer tried to take a picture of Le Loyon and estimated him to be around 6’6 in height. Le Matin were the first paper to publish an image of him, before then there had been no evidence of his existence despite reports. Local children don’t play in the woods now because of him even though he has never done anything other than walk around. The local stranger has been seen carrying flowers down the path and according to the authorities in the area there is nothing they can do, he hasn’t done anything wrong.

At one stage in the history of Le Loyon they found his clothes abandoned in the park with a strange note, the note said he was leaving because of ‘The risk of a hunt for the Beast’ being too great.

No one knows why he doesn’t speak and there is no idea where he comes from. Some suggest he may be mentally disturbed or that he might have a skin disease which would cause him to want to avoid being seen by others.

The latest information that I found in regards to Le Loyon was that he may well (or she) have let the character commit suicide. They have posted a letter to say that they would cease their wanderings, though some have taken this as a traditional suicide note, this may be more down to a mis-translation than anything.